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Think about it. You are sat on a pew looking over a beautiful European city. On your mind the most is not that work project you have due tomorrow morning. The thing that presses on your mind most? The stunning, glorious, view in front of you. A wave of excitement rushes over you as you decide where to visit next on your journey.

Travel Smart with Lifetime Backpacker

You’ll not only find stories of far flung, amazing places on this site. We put the time in to look at what you need to travel, and recommend the best equipment, gadgets and travel tech on the market to assist you in your voyage. Not sure what drone to buy for your trip abroad? We have you covered.

Need an emergency payment from home while travelling but don’t want to pay the high fees your bank will charge? Have a read of this.

Lifetimebackpacker.com is run by digital marketing industry professionals from the UK, who are passionate travellers and tech geeks. The 9 to 5 just isn’t for us, and if you can relate to this, you are in the right place.

The Team – Founder

lifetime backpacker sky diveThis is me. Stuart Brown. I founded Lifetime Backpacker in 2013 after a travelling experience at the opposite side of the world which I will never forget.

I also have an exciting career in digital marketing and spill some of my SEO knowledge and ideas onto this blog.