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We love covering air travel. Aerospace as a whole is at the cutting edge of innovation and technology. So naturally, talking about this really combines the team's love of travel and technology into one niche. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest air travel news and announcements here.

What Are the Longest Flights in the World?

Air travel and the industry has advanced a heck of a long way over time. Airlines and aerospace manufacturers have worked tirelessly to bring us into a new age of travelling by air over the last fifty years. Fast forward to 2018. You can now get a direct flight from anywhere to almost anywhere! But what are the longest flights in the World?

Airline Travel Safety Has Record Year

safest year air travel 2017

It's been a fantastic year for the airline industry. Safety is at an all-time high and fatalities at an all-time low. But with more of us than ever travelling by plane, how safe is the airline industry? Read now to find out.

Best Time to Book Cheap Flights?

cheap summer flights to europe

We all watch our wallets and purses as much as we can when booking flights and a holiday. Getting air fare as cheap as possible seems to be high on the list of priorities for travellers in the modern age. But how, and when can you get the cheapest flights when travelling to Europe? Find out now.

Best & Worst Airlines for Customer Service On Social Media

airline-customer-serviceMost of us are active on social media every single day. So much so, that it has changed the way we interact with businesses. The people that provide our products, services and flights have all adapted to offer customer service on social media. Airlines, in particular, can have a difficult job, but how do they perform on social media? Read more to find out.


London To Perth Australia Non-Stop Flights Now Available

Qantas London to Perth Direct 2018Technology is amazing. It has revolutionised air travel and the airline industry. As a result, the World has shrunk and you can fly anywhere relatively easy. Even easier now for Aussies and Brits. Direct flights from Perth Australia to the UK are now available. Find out more now.

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