Are Domestic Flights Better?


5 Reasons Why Flying Domestic is Better for Long Internal Journeys

For those of us living in huge countries like the USA, Australia, Russia, Brazil and Canada, internal flights are a thing of the norm to get around.
Whether you are paying them to have far flung city breaks or important business meetings internal airfares are commonly sought and spent by citizens of the above countries.
However I live in the UK where this practice is not as popular.
Okay so it’s not the largest country in the World is it?
Getting from one end of the country to the other still takes a stupid amount of time for how small we are. Especially when you have to be somewhere yesterday.
I took my first ever domestic UK flight from Manchester to Exeter Airport recently. and found it to be so much better than the countless cross country journeys taken in the past.
So what is so good about it anyway?
Inspiration comes in many forms, and travel is by far the best in this writer’s opinion. The journey experienced on this particular occasion simply had to be shared, as it inspired the realisation of many reasons why short domestic flights can be massively better for long internal journeys.
I’ll be using the Manc-Exeter adventure as an example throughout the article, but parallels can be drawn from this with many long cross country journeys in the UK.

1. A UK Internal Flight Takes so Much Less Time!

Take my most recent journey for example, from Manchester to Exeter. I have driven this particular adventure many times in the past and found it usually takes between five and six hours depending on the traffic on the various motorways you have to navigate.
To add to this there are constant roadworks going on down the M6 and often parts of the M62 as well, further adding to your journey duration.
Take into account stops for food and coffee (because who doesn’t need coffee) and it all starts looking like quite a stressful and tiring experience doesn’t it?
Here’s the thing; It doesn’t have to be like this.
Picture this in your head; bypassing long queues at busy check-in desks because you remembered to check in online. Strolling through a quiet afternoon security check into a short wait departure lounge where before you know it; you are in the air.

So how long does it take to fly this including waiting at the airport? Just 2 and a half hours give or take.In fact, the time you actually spend at altitude is under an hour of that! All of this even beats the fastest train by around 2 hours too.

A train from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Exeter takes over 4 hours without those annoying delays.

2. No Traffic Jams

Great Britain is famous for many things; Fantastic scenery, Olympic medals, great places to take a city break and more.From Land’s End to John o’groats there are so many beautiful, wonderful things to see here.

Want to know a massive thing that let’s the UK down? That’s right. Roads. The motorway and traffic system is absolutely diabolical in this country.

This is absolutely hammering already lengthy journey times with additions for countless road works, accidents and traffic jams on poorly designed, or outdated road systems.

The government in this country is putting a lot of effort and investment into improvements, hence the endless road works on the motorways.

In the future you are likely to see the benefits of this, but we are talking years at the moment.

Avoiding the stress of these unpredictable roads and cruising over the top of them gives you an amazing sense of relaxation. Especially when you take a look out of the plane window and see a big queue of vehicles below you.

3.  Incredible Scenery on Internal Flights

There is nothing quite like it right? The cloudy, heavenly landscape floating below you as you effortlessly skim over it at hundreds of miles an hour towards your destination on your short domestic flight.
The window seat is honestly worth fighting over on an aeroplane, unless you’re scared of heights.
Compare this to a train, coach or car trip. You are flying along the ground, either as a passenger or a driver. What do you see?
The answer to this question is mostly road and banking if you are on the motorway, with the occassional starbucks services.
How about a train? Tunnels. Trees. More Tunnels. Flying by so fast and so close you can barely keep focus on the landscape. Both pretty disapointed scenarios I’m sure you would agree. A massive pro for flying domestic then.
People, cars and houses like ants below your feet..

People, cars and houses like ants below your feet..

4. The Air Crew Service

Customer service gets slated a lot. Ever since the birth of social media angry customers have been able to vent their frustrations at poor, or lack of service from companies. Pretty useful for feedback in my opinion.
An industry that manages to keep it’s head above water better than most is the airlines. Nearly all have customer service as top priorities and staff are trained to fully reflect this.
From the initial safety introduction, to the drinks and snacks service, right through to the end of flight goodbyes aircraft staff always have a helpful, happy vibe about them.
Take advantage of this; sit back and enjoy your flight and let have your needs catered for.

5. Flying Domestic Can Save you Money Sometimes

Booking in advance is always the best tactic to use to save on travel costs. Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the better the prices are.
I’ve left this reason until last, as it only rings true some of the time.
If you are clever enough you can sometimes fly for less than getting the train. Keep an eye on ticket prices, I have found previously there is a cross over around 3 weeks before departure date for bookings.
But what if I need to go tomorrow?
There’s actually not much difference in cost for our example journey here, although the lengthy train trip seems to slightly pip the flight throughout the year. Using flight comparison tools and Train booking services you can easily spot the difference in prices.

For the extra £15 or so it takes to fly at short notice you can shave around 2 hours off your overall time though. Sound worth it? You know it makes sense.So why should you take a domestic flight over other travel methods? Hopefully by reading this you can see the answer.

Got anything cool to tell me about your experiences? Drop me a message on Instagram over at Lifetime Backpacker or tweet me @1backpackerlife. I’m also on Google plus here +Lifetime Backpacker

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