Avios Changing to British Airways Executive Club

Avios Rewards Are Changing To BA Executive Club: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Avios Air Miles Will Cease to Exist Soon. Here is Why.

Avios. For years it has been a rewards programme that allows many of us access to fly for less to far-flung places. Collecting points with things like credit cards, cashback, everyday spending, and travel has never been easier these days.

So why is the Avios programme shutting down in summer 2018? What will happen to your hard earned reward points? Will you still be able to use these air miles for free flights and more after it closes?

The answer to these questions are much more positive than we all first feared.

Avios Programme Changing to British Airways Executive Club in July 2018.

An announcement made earlier this year clarifies what is happening to the current ~2.4 million Avios members. As the Avios programme closes, it will simply transfer users to the BA Exec club; another loyalty scheme run by the same group.  With exactly the same benefits and points value, there doesn’t appear to be any change except the name at the moment.

Is this an ever increasing sign that rewards schemes are coming to an end of life? Recent law changes in the EU have made it much harder for credit card companies to benefit from these schemes. The amount card companies are allowed to charge to retailers for use of these services has now been capped, making it more difficult to manage these schemes profitably.

With TSB and MBNA withdrawing their Avios, and multiple other reward schemes from the market it does seem like we may be losing access to reward schemes like these for now.

There are of course other ways to build points than just credit cards though! This means it may be harder to build these air miles from now on, but members can always find savvier ways to build them up.

What if I Already Have an Avios Rewards Credit Card?

Don’t worry. You do not have to do anything.  Memberships are going to be automatically switched over to the British Airways Executive Club and you can still collect points in the same way (subject to terms and conditions of the card you have).

Can I Still Collect Points With My Tesco Clubcard?

There have been no announced changes to the current scheme that runs with Tesco Clubcard. You can currently collect 600 Avios for the value of £2.50 in Clubcard Vouchers. When this ends you can simply switch to collecting BA Exec Club points for the same value!

How Else Can I Collect Points After The Change?

It’s not just credit cards and shopping at your local supermarket that can help you earn points and flights. Leading cashback site TopCashback pays you for everyday spending on just about everything you can think of (UK Site) (US Site). With 1000’s of retailers available to collect from through the site, we’ve built over 14,000 points this year just from shopping through here!

British Airways Executive Club

From July onwards old Avios members can make full use of the BA Exec club scheme. Some see this as a positive thing, as it gives users access to 12 extra partners than the standard Avios partners British Airways, Vueling, Iberia and Aer Lingus:

American Airlines BA Executive Club

American Airlines flights can be purchased with BA Exec Club Points, a new benefit to old Avios members.

That’s great news for the regular traveler who is more interested in price and location than airline loyalty!

Collecting airline points can be a great way to reduce your spend while travelling. See more of our tips on saving money for travel.

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