Best Apps for Backpacking

Best Apps For Backpackers & Travellers

What Are the Best Apps For Backpackers & Travelling?

Apps. You can’t turn a corner on the street or tie your shoelace without having some sort of app to tell you how to do it properly these days. This can be annoying at times. But what about when you are travelling? In a far-off land without much knowledge of surroundings, it can be easy to feel cut off if you don’t get immersed. Apps for backpackers are a very saturated market, and we are here to help.

This article looks are the best Android and iOS apps you can use whilst backpacking, or on the road to help you get immersed. Apps that help you travel with ease, just like a good backpack, and enjoy the life that little bit better. Because we all want to travel smarter, so why not!

XE Currency: Currency Updates App

xe currency apps for backpackers


Knowing what you get for your money while away is an absolute essential if you are on a budget. Often while backpacking for lengthy periods of time you can come close to running out of money or find yourself having to cut back. Using an app to monitor what the current exchange rate is wherever you are can allow you to stay ahead. Because the price of bananas always varies, no matter where you are.

KAYAK: There for Your Next Trip

You’re coming to the end of the latest city or country visit. Where next? Kayak is here to see the best deals on flights from your current destination. Not only that, finding a great hire care or hotel is really easy with this app too.

Not just for booking stuff, the app contains a great travel planner. You can plan out your next adventure there. Also, there is the option of setting price alerts. These can notify you if the cost of a certain journey goes up or below a maximum price desired. One of the must-have apps for backpackers who are hopping around a lot!

This app is a personal favourite having used it several times over the last year to book our getaways. Combining the hotel and flights together here has saved us a fortune compared to some of the other travel providers too.

Check out the latest and greatest deals on flights, accomodation and more at Kayak


pocket app for travelling

See something useful whilst browsing the internet on a laptop, desktop or mobile late at night? Maybe a spectacular place to visit tomorrow? Or a tasty place to eat? Hook pocket up to your devices. The ultimate “read it later” app allows backpackers to bring up last nights articles and reading on their phones the next day.

Such a simple concept, but trust me: this will revolutionise the way you gather and read information.

CalcNote – Spending Tracking App

This is another one of those apps for backpackers that help you keep an eye on things when money is tight. CalcNote helps you create running totals to track spending for the day. In addition to that, it works in multiple currencies, so spending can be accurately tracked back at home, as well as away.

It even works for other things, such as temperature, distance, time and speed for the geeky backpackers out there.

Google Maps

google maps apps for backpackers

Getting lost can be a good thing for a short amount of time. New places and unheard of experiences can be found and enjoyed. Nobody wants to wander around completely lost for too long though. No matter where you are, Google Maps can help. As long as you have this app and a web connection before or during your navigation you can get around just fine.

If the internet is not available where you are travelling to there is a great feature available. Maps of an area are available to download in full the night before for example. Then provided location services are used a full breakdown of twists and turned to a destination can be provided even without an internet connection.


Learn a new language they said. It will be easy they said. Duolingo actually does make it easier to learn. Heading to far off countries where the native tounge is confusing and new is normal for anyone travelling. Bridging the gap by learning a little of the local lingo is a great way to immerse yourself from the very beginning.

With Spanish, English, French, Chinese and tons more language all available to learn you can really get fully into the culture and experience of your adventure with Duolingo.



hostelworld app for travelers

Courtesy of

While you’re on the go, being able to book suitable accommodation for your budget is important. If you are the hostel style traveller this has to be the app for you. HostelWorld is a powerful global booking engine, which is ideal for last minute bookings. Excellent for spontaneous decisions and last minute plans. If you are winging your adventure as you go along, you can’t go wrong with an app like this.

Another interesting feature is hostel chat. This allows you to spark a conversation with other guests at the hostel you are staying at up to 48 hours before check-in! Great news if you are a social animal. This has only been rolled out to selected hostels worldwide so far, but expect to see it in many more places in the future!

Now you know what the best apps for backpackers are,  check out some fantastic tech and gadgets for backpackers .


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