Best Gadgets for Backpacking

best gadgets for backpacking and travel

What are the Best Gadgets for Backpacking & Travel?

Deciding to open yourself to the World to see the amazing sights, smells, sounds and experiences it has to offer is a life-changing decision. The life lessons and education you can get from travel is unmissable. Why not open yourself up to a new World of technology at the same time?

Backpacking can be tough at times. Tough but worth it. Our best gadgets for backpacking and travel are hand picked to make life easier on the road. In this guide, you can find must-haves, superb gifts and fantastic enhancements to your travel experience. Whether you are touring South East Asia, Interrailing through Europe or hiking in the wilderness we can help. Because making backpacking easier for everyone is something we can all benefit from.

RAVPower Portable USB Solar Panel Charger

Because who wants to run out of batteries on the road? Especially for those once in a lifetime long journeys to far-flung and gorgeous places. Make sure you can charge wherever there is sunlight with the RacPower USB Solar Panel Charger. At 16W (3.2A) it can charge your phone and other electronic devices in a matter of hours.

With two USB outlets for simultaneous device charging and a handy fold-up mechanism to tablet size, this might be tone of he best gadgets for backpacking or travel you buy. The RavePower is suitable for hanging on a tent or backpack whilst on the move. In addition, it can stand on the ground to charge in daylight. This is a practical, must-have gadget for the outdoorsy backpacker.

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Aquapure Travel Water Purifier Bottle: Every Backpacker Needs a Drink

Whether you are water is an absolute necessity. Near or far, high or low you will always need a drink. Sometimes when you travel, it can be difficult to keep hydrated. You have to be careful what you drink. This often leads to buying bottled water which is a huge cause of plastic waste every single year. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Aquapure water purification bottle can clean water for you wherever you are. It’s handy reusable filter is good for several uses (around 350 litres!) and you can even buy spares too. This is ideally made for using abroad where water quality is different to your home and allows you to drink local tap water without suffering the horrible side effects!

In addition, it is advertised as safe for using in the natural environment too with streams and lakes (always read the instructions with the product). Fantastic for the great outdoors backpacking type.

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Travel Headphones: The Backpacking Gadget Because Life Without Music is Like Life Without Travel

best travel gadgets for backpacking - travel headphones

Where would the World be without music? For all of those long flights, rail, bus or road trips, imagine how boring they could have been without an inspiring playlist. Music can take you another place and bring you back again, fully centred. Absolutely essential travel gadgets. Luckily, Lifetime Backpacker has the full list of the best travel headphones for backpackers this year.

Pegless Travel Washing Line: The Essential Travel Gadget

This is a common sense item. Travelling light, for long periods of time means clean clothes will eventually end in short supply. Also, taking a long hike through the woods can sometimes be interrupted when a sudden downpour hits. What about camping when it’s rainy too?

For when these times come, having something small and storable that will fold out into a washing line seems like an absolute life-saver. It may be a common sense travel gadget, but it makes the list. To hang something whilst away or abroad, make sure you have one of these pegless travel washing lines handy. With easy to fix rubber sticky ends, you can put these up in plenty of places.

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Travel Drone: A Gadget to Capture your Best Backpacking Memories

Travel Drone - Best Gadgets for Backpackers

Taking photos from a different angle of perspective can really help capture the beauty of a place or landscape. In addition, it allows you to see life from a different angle; a stunning bird’s eye view of an unforgettable adventure. They are truly becoming must-haves for travel photography.

Drones can be big, clunky and unpractical. So not one the best gadgets for backpacking or travelling? Think again. Fortunately, we have you covered with a full list of the best drones for backpacking this year.

Feet & Hand Heaters that Double as a Travel Power Bank: Perfect Gadget for Backpacking in the Cold

When travelling out in the cold, it can be easy to underestimate the elements. Whether hiking in the snow, skiing or snowboarding or just wandering in winter it is always useful to carry something that can provide heat. The Fourheart rechargeable hand warmer does exactly this.

A long press on the middle button will activate the hand heater and keep your digits toasty on a cold day. But, that is not the only thing this backpacking gadget can do. It also doubles as a power bank; amazingly useful for spare power for your devices. Awesome for those with limited storage space, this two in one is a brilliant buy for travelling in the cold.

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Luggage Scooter: A Gadget For the Luxury Backpacker

Definitely not an essential this one. But we think it is extremely cool, which is why it makes the list. Ever wanted to go scooting along on those airport luggage trolleys? Ever tried, and found how frustratingly poor they are for it? We have. The kid in every single one of us has. Well now you don’t have to seek out and be disappointed by an airport trolley for your in-airport transit scooting needs. Why? Because there’s a suitcase that doubles as a hecking scooter. Take my money, right now.

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There you have it. With so many handy travel accessories available it can be difficult to put a list together. But do not fear, expect this page to grow. We want you to recommend and advise us of your favourite gadgets for backpacking with a comment below.

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