best photo edit apps for instagram

Top Photo Edit Apps for Instagram

What are the Best Photo Edit Apps for Instagram?

Instagram is the most used app on the planet. Smartphones have evolved, and continue to improve at a rapid pace. Since the app was started in 2010, the quality of photos being shared on there has improved by a huge magnitude. Alongside this, photo edit apps for Instagram have become increasingly popular. This in turn, has made it much easier to post high quality images online.

For anyone who uses the social media app, building a following is super tough these days. Standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly harder. This is because more and more amazing photos are shared every single day. We’ve talked about how to increase your reach on Instagram already and stand out in this crowd of photos. But, using this blog to improve the quality of your photos will be the icing on the cake for your account!

Read on to find out the best photo editing apps for Instagram for Android & iOS.

Best Photo Edit Apps for Instagram on iOS & Android

VSCO – iOS & Android

A social media app for photographers in its own right, VCSO is a bit of a “sophisticated Instagram”. It features the ability to publish photos to the platform. There is also the functionality to follow other users and view their creations.

But, what is it like as an Instagram photo editing app? Simply put, very good. You can find all of the useful filtering options: Saturation, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows and more. There are also a few preset ambient filters available to choose from.

These provide a good range of styles and can provide a really good edit without much work. Also, there’s a professional upgrade available; VSCO X. This is offered to the user upon installation of the app in the form of a free trial. However, payment details are required and the subscription is automatically debited if no cancellation is made. The professional version of the app offers a lot more preset filters and options. But, the free edition is fantastic for editing photos and will certainly improve your Instagram feed.

Adobe Photoshop Express – Android & iOS

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the kings of creative media. So, it is very exciting to hear that they have a photo edit app available!   The mobile, express adaptation of this best selling software is free. All you have to do is create an Adobe ID when installing the app.

A little bit like Photoshop in your pocket, this app has some of the best photo editing features that are available on the full software. The iOS variant of the app also has a collage creation element to it. As a result, those with iPhones can also create beautiful photo collages on this app.

For anyone that uses the desktop version, you can also download images from the Adobe creative cloud. This allows you to do work on the go and transfer it between devices quickly and easily. We love using this app and it has to be one of the easiest and most powerful photo edit apps for Instagram on the market.

Snapseed – Android & iOS


Created by Google, this photo edit app for Instagram has to be one of the most powerful on a smartphone. The guys at Google have put a lot of effort into making it this way, and it shows.

This app is awesome for filters, there are so many. All of which are fully editable too. Also, there are several more advanced tools available. Try depth of field for example or even perspective.

Not just great for landscape photography, Snapseed is also brill for portrait photos. Selfies included, of course. It can automatically detect and edit faces for you.

This app has really amazing features and becomes easy to use over time. The added bonus? Google has also produced video tutorials to teach users how to master and utilise the Snapseed to its full potential.

The Best Apps for Instagram Photo Editing

The above three apps have to be the highest quality, most practical photo edit apps for Instagram available. But don’t forget the Instagram app too! It may not be as full of features, but it is still powerful and easy to use and create a great looking shot.

Apps aren’t just amazing for editing photos too. We’ve come up with the best smartphone apps to use while travelling.

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