Best Drones For Travel

What Are the Best Travel Drones and Quadcopters?

Making memories and travelling is what life is about, and there simply isn’t a more impressive way to capture a photo, video or a selfie of your memories than using travel drones. That said, these things can be bulky and heavy, so why would you travel with drones? The answer is becoming easier and easier as time goes on, because as technology advances they are getting smaller, and better. This guide runs through the top 7 drones to use for your trip; whether it be for a spontaneous selfie, a real live action video, or a beautiful landscape shot.

Powerful & Packable: The Mavic Pro Platinum

Portability with a price tag, this is truly the best travel drone you can get for your money. It doesn’t come cheap at a smidge over £1,000, but if you aspire to be a drone photographer or love the subject this is the product for you. As with all DJI products the GPS positioning is second to none. You will also enjoy the benefit of 40mph speeds and over 4 miles of range. Did I mention this tiny product folds to the size of a small dimension of just 83mm x 83mm x 198mm. That’s like a video and photo capturing lunch box! The drone also only weighs about as much as one too at around 743 grams.

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Complete Package: The DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter travel

If you have a fat wad to spend and want a drone from one of the best on the market go for a DJI. By no means is the Phantom 4 as geared up for travel as it smaller and fold-able cousin the Mavic Pro, but it still gets a mention. Known across the industry as one of the best pieces of kit out there, this 12 megapixel beauty is packed with features. Want a selfie? Use the auto-hover option. Don’t want to lose it? No worries, keep track of live GPS data on your phone during flight with an up to half a mile range. At the weight of a full bottle of soft drink and a price tag of around £1000 this drone is well worth considering for those wanting to capture the full beauty of their travels.

Small And Beautiful: The Micro Drone 3.0

Onebutton micro drone vr headset travel

Want something you can fit in your bag that takes up almost no room at all while you travel? This drone is the best one for you. Easily sitting in your hands, this little belter surprises you with HD video, photo and range of up to 300 feet. Crazily, you can also have the option of flying the micro drone with a VR headset! This crowfunded backed product has been tried and tested with thousands of backers, and millions raised.

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Unusual And Awesome: The Parrot DISCO

Parrot Disco Fixed Wing Drone VR Headset Travel

This drone will blow you away. Far from the most portable, what the DISCO lacks in practicality for travelling it more than makes up for in the amazing things you can do with it. Unlike the traditional quadcopter design, it is fixed wing, so more like a plane. A solid thirty to forty minutes of flight time allows to to experience the extreme fun of piloting in some amazing environments. Several assisted flight modes make it easy even for the beginner to use, and there another huge element. Flying along in HD video at 50 miles per hour in first person mode using the FPV headset that comes with it! A must buy for the fun factor at over £800, this travel drone is a corker.

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Compact And Crystal Clear: The Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV VR Headset Drone for Travel

Another tiny travel drone ideal for travelling, and a selfie, the Parrot Bebop 2 weighs in at less than 500 grams. It boasts a 14MP camera and a fantastic range of up to 2 kilometres for such a small craft. Don’t fancy having to fly today? As an optional extra you can install a “follow me” feature, automating the drones flight path to follow you on your travels and film those video selfies. Another huge selling point? The Bebop weighs in at over £300 less than it’s fixed wing cousin the DISCO drone, but still includes the revolutionary FPV headset. Perfect for those looking for something lighter on budget which still has a great range of features.

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The Selfie Sensation: The Yuneec Breeze Quadcopter

Yuneec Breeze Compact Smart Drone with Ultra High Definition 4K video great for travel

For those who love a flying selfie photo and don’t have a huge travel budget for drone equipment. A little animal, the Yuneec Breeze boasts 5 flight modes, four of which are actually auto pilot. This allows you to take up to 13 mega pixel stills of your grinning face on a beach or mountain somewhere, anywhere without lifting a finger to control the drone. So what else do you need? 4K video? Go on then. The Yuneec also films in 4K for some high quality bang for your buck. Less than £400 is really good value for those with not much cash to splash but still want to take a brilliant photo when travelling. Oh and did I mention it weighs less than 500 grams?

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Miniature Selfie Photos: The Air Selfie

AirSelfie drone - best drones for travel

A crazy idea that is making waves in the crowdfunding industry, the Air Selfie has got to be the smallest travel photo drone you have ever seen, Fitting inside a case the size of most mobile phones this little gadget is ideal for getting that perfect selfie whilst out and about. It’s ridiculously small, light weight and won’t break the bank either at around £250. The only problem? It’s on pre-release order at the moment. Find out about the pocket sized gadget drone and see if it can help you take the perfect selfie photo.

Drones for Travel: Summary

If you want to produce some fantastic video or photographic content then one of the little beauties above can certainly help you do this. Now you know the best, why not find out some more about drones and travelling.

Now that you have a travel drone you will no doubt want to get out there and use it! Before you go, check out the best backpacking gadgets and equipment to assist you on your travels.

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  1. Harry

    This is a really good list, but the options are either too expensive for a beginner (like the DJI Mavic) or they are not easy to carry around and might be afraid they break during backpacking or flights.

    There are much cheaper options in similar foldable drones, such as the “Baby Elfie” Travel Drone

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