Best Travel Headphones For Travelling

What Are the Most Comfortable, Durable & Best Travel Headphones to Buy?

Why buy travel headphones? Music, travel and memories intertwine together so seamlessly. How often can you remember a happy situation a lot better when there was music involved in it? All those festivals, road trips and boat parties stick in your mind that little bit more because you not only enjoyed the situation, but because of the music you were listening to right? Let sound help you enjoy and remember your travels that little bit more. With that in mind, make sure you are prepared when you travel with some of the best travel headphones on the market right now.

Comfort & Style Without Price – The AKG Y50BT Portables

akg y50bt portable bluetooth travel headphones

Being comfortable on those long journeys is a challenge many travellers face. When you purchase travel headphones there’s always an underlying worry that the more affordable on ears just won’t cut it. Uncomfortable ears after prolonged usage can be a common problem. That is where AKG come into the market.  Not only do they look absolutely stunning in a range of vibrant colours, they are extremely comfortable on the ears. Instant Bluetooth connectivity allows you to avoid the tangle, whilst blocking outside noise out with the comfortable and easy-on-the-ears closed ear cup design. The headphones are perfect for travel with 3d axis folding for easy storage in your bag or backpack. With around 20 hours of battery life on these bad boys you won’t be charging them often. A perfect investment for your adventures at around £109 (recent price drop below £100!), one of the best purchases you can make at this price and we highly recommend.

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All the Bass – Wireless Sony Travel Headphones with EXTRABASS & Bluetooth

Sony-MDR-XB950N1B-Wireless-Noise-Cancelling-Extrabass-travel-Headphones-BlackLike some extra bass in your life for those long journeys? These wireless Sony travel headphones might be for you. Specifically built to enhance base, these noise cancelling, Bluetooth headphones are great for listening to your fave tracks on the road. With a spectacular battery life of up to 22 hours you can get through all of your house, hip-hop, rock, drum & bass and heavy metal playlists with the bass pumping louder than ever. An added feature of these is the Sony Headphones Connect App. This allows you to configure the music to your own preferred listening style! Reasonably priced and great quality it’s hard to beat these.

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Superb Sound – Sennheiser M2 Range

sennheiser M2 stylish luxury travel headphones

Imaging rocking these on your next long haul flight. The quality of sound that comes from the Sennheiser M2 range is fantastic for the £170 price tag, and so are the looks. You’ll get a stunning range of tones from listening to these; they truly pack a punch far above price band. The specially designed for comfort ear pads ensure you aren’t interrupted in your listening. With the headband easily adjustable and the option to fold for an easy pack away these headphones are great for travelling. A good length cable of around 1.4m also makes for easy use of your devices on the go. If you like style and virtue without a huge cost, these are for you.

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Luxury & Comfort – Bose QuietComfort 25

bose quietcomfort 25 travel headphones

Constantly touted as being the best money can get, travel headphones from Bose are the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, if you can stretch to the £289 price tag. The technology that goes into this product is incredible. Active noise cancellation means that they are constantly measuring outside noise and reacting accordingly, meaning you can enjoy listening without any interference from environmental sounds. Fantastic for when you are travelling on a plane, train or inner city. That’s not the only huge benefit though. These have to be some of the most comfortable, best travel headphones you will ever wear. With the option for both Bluetooth and cable too, they’re adaptable for almost any situation. If you can pay for them you won’t be disappointed.

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Awesome Wireless Audio – Samsung Level On Pro

Samsung Level On Pro Wireless Headphones Travel

If you want to keep it Bluetooth but are worried about losing the best qualities of sound stop right here. The Samsung Level On Pro travel headphones feature UHQ audio (ultra high quality audio). This allows you to experience sounds with an up to 2x wider frequency range than your every day wireless listening device. Mix that up with the active noise cancellation that Samsung has implemented and you have a top performing piece of kit. The cherry on top? They come in beautiful gold and white and fold in an insanely cool way to fit into your travelling bag. A fantastic all rounder for just over £130 we recommend these.

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The Underdog – Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 travel headphones

These stunning little numbers are great wireless headphones for travelling. For the price (£240) you won’t find many that beat the BackBeat Pro 2 for features and quality. With a huge battery life of up to 24 hours, you can be confident that you will get to enjoy tons of music and movies on those long flights for a start. In addition, you’ll be able to block out background distractions with the ANC, active noise cancellation switch. The compact build of these over-ears ensures practicality whilst travelling and essentially, a comfortable fit. Want great noise cancellation without following the trend? These are well worth a go.


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Brilliant For a Lower Budget – The SoundMAGIC E50


These aluminium made in-ears are a great option for those looking for a lower budget grab. Travel headphones like these are ideal for those with less space in a bag or suitcase, or those who want something pocket handy. Available with or without a microphone for hooking up to your calls, the sound and range of the SoundMAGIC E50s are excellent for the £44.99 price tag. The hard carry case that is included is ideal for storing them and preventing any annoying wire tangles. Perfect for easy listening without the high cost.

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On-Ear High-Quality Wired Travel Headphones By Monster DNA


Now these bad boy on-ear headphones are stylish! Coming in Laser Blue, Pink, Black, Blue & Silver and various other snazzy colours (Laser Blue is our favourite!), Monster DNA have built a music listening weapon here. With an incredible depth of sound and great sounding bass tones, these wired over-ears will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. With a great durable build, they can easily withstand everyday wear and tear too and remain looking the part. But why are these great for travel? You can use dual audio input jacks are share your listening experience with your travel buddy! A great idea for watching Netflix on a flight, or listening to your very best travel playlist! And, they’re a great price too.

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Like a Bose – Luxury Comfort with the QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Travel Headphones

Bose again? You just can’t get away from this brand when searching for high quality sound for your ears. Noticing there are no wires you’ll feel the excitement when hooking these up to your device for the first time using NFC and Bluetooth. The clever part on how this works? Once setup all you need to do is touch your device to the right ear cup of the headphone and boom! You are connecting and ready to listen to whatever melts your heart, or your ears! With a dual microphone system there’s no taking off or interruption if you get a phone call, simply answer the call on your device and the headphones take over! With a stated 20 hours of wireless battery life the feature list of this fantastic piece of kit is lengthy, which matches well with the price. Want some of the very best? We recommend these. Pick a pair up for £324.

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Urbanears Plattan 2 Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones

Urbanears Plattan 2 Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones

Want features at a smaller price tag than some of the heavy hitters on this article? The Urbanears Plattan 2 Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones could suit you. We’re all about Bluetooth and avoiding the inevitable wire tangle that ensues when lumbered with a long cable, so the Plattan 2 headphones get a tick here. The sound is also good. It’s not the depths, highs and lows of some of the headphones here, but high quality for the price. Also impressive is the built-in mic and exceptional battery life. Taking calls without rummaging around in a bag for a device is an attractive feature to us as storing our phones in our bag on the plan/train is normal. In addition, having the ability to listen for the whole day is fantastic, as it means these travel headphones are ideal for long flights!

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Quality Without The Price – OneAudio Wireless Travel Headphones

oneaudio wireless headphones reviewIf you’ve got a lower budget to work with than some of the incredible headphones listed above, we have something for you. We recently reviewed the OneAudio wireless travel headphones and were highly impressed for the level of quality and features for a pricetag of lower than £25!

Check out the full review here.

A Glimpse Of The Future – Audeara

What if you could wear headphones that adapted to your individual hearing needs? Not only making the sound louder if you were impaired, but improving aspects of the sound based on your specific needs. Australia’s Latest Kickstarter project Audeara provides sound tailored to you. Invented by medical professionals and engineers, they Audeara uses a hearing test computer integrated into the earpiece. This allows it to tailor music and sounds indvidually to the user for optimal listening. Overkill or revolutionary? Nearly 1000 backers suggest this could be the next best thing in audio. Watch this space.

UPDATE: Audeara has now had over 1,500 backers and raised nearly half a million aussie dollars in funding. This is a brand that certainly seems to have touched on something the public wants, and luckily they’re already available to pre order.

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