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Best Winter & Christmas Gifts For Backpackers

Best Gifts for Backpackers This Winter

It’s getting cold outside. The nights are getting longer. And, even worst, the mornings darker. If you are a keen traveller this might get you excited for the ski season; Or alternatively, depressed that the summer is long gone. Either way, we’ve put together a full guide of the best gifts for backpackers this Winter. Have a read and cheer the heck up. It will soon be Christmas.

Whether you are buying for a loved on who is wrapping up for the slopes, or dreaming of the beach, there’s something to make everyone smile here. Get inspired for Christmas, Birthdays or just generic gifts here.

Dare2b Winter Bobble Beanies

Dare 2b beanies

To keep your head toasty.

These Dare 2b bobbles beanies are comfortable, well built and well priced as gifts for backpackers. As a result they are perfect for keeping warm when it’s freezing outside or even hitting the slopes. Bobble hats were used originally in the military to distinguish between regiments of soldiers in cold weather. The quality of these hats are certainly up to military standard.

There’s range of colours and sizes available to suit everyone too. Imagine backpacking through the mountains with one of these bad boys on. RRP start from £15 but at certain parts of the year you can get them on sale at 50% off! 


Framed, Colour in World Map Poster

Colour in World Map

Making travel plans for the new year already? Maybe Asia, or South America is on the cards for next year. Why not your plans on your wall?

This beautiful blank canvas World Map allows you to colour in the places you’ve been, or are planning to go in the future! Or both! Because you don’t just dream, you make plans. Go ahead and plot a trip on your framed, colour-in World map, get those plane tickets and venture out there to see mother Earth. After all, you only get to see it once.


An Thrilling or Wonderful Experience

hot air balloon ride

Are you buying for a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Or maybe someone who loves to explore? Hot air balloon rides are just one of the hundreds of available experiences you can buy your backpacker this winter. Not sure what they could enjoy, but want them to have a time they will never forget? Gift cards are available too!

We’re all about the hot air balloon rides here. Because getting to see stunning landscape and nature from a rare angle has to be one of the most amazing things you can experience. In addition, it’s one of those gifts a backpacker will never forget.

A Travel Photo Book

sunset beach

Your backpacker has been some absolutely amazing places already. Putting all of those memories into one tangible place could be the most amazing gift you buy them this year. Remember that beach in Thailand they never wanted to leave? Or those mountain passes in South America where the air was the cleanest ever tasted?

This book can help recapture those moments, a living memory.

A Decent Backpack to Travel with


Something your backpacker will be eternally grateful for! Being able to walk for dozens of miles with your life snugly fitted on your shoulders and back is something that you think could be taken for granted, but trust me it isn’t. Having a decent size bag to wear with convenient pockets and practical straps is an amazing gift for a frequent traveller.

Luckily enough we have created the best backpacks of this year guide to help you out!

A High Tech set of Travel Headphones


Music and travel are closely related. This is probably because there’s not a lot of things you can do on those really long haul flights! Gifting a backpacker a decent set of travel headphones for their trip will be hugely appreciated. They’ll love the comfort over their ears and wireless audio. Most of all, they’ll actually be able to hear the latest episode, or music playlist clearly and in excellent quality.

Never fear. We’ve also put together a guide on the best travel headphones of the year to have a read through.

This has to be the ultimate list of gifts to by your backpacker this winter. Want to go for something more pricey? Take a look at the best travel drones of the year.

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