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Social Media Hints & Tips to Make Your Travel Blog Traffic Grow

So you finish your latest post; a fantastic story of your latest adventure to deepest, darkest Peru. But wait one second before you push that publish button. Have a think. How are you going to share this brilliant piece of travel journalism with travel hungry readers? Why Social Media of course.

Promotion for travel bloggers across different platforms is absolutely essential to success in this day and age.

There is not a single post that you should write without planning how you are going to put it across to readers, and the social media platforms.

Make these hints and tips part of your routine, and you shall see results. Over time, and as your connections grow, increased traffic flow comes through to your site from social media. A higher engagement will also follow from your readership.

There are tangible results to be had for your hard work.

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Stu Brown – “My background is in social media (particularly Twitter and Facebook), SEO and Content Marketing. I have about six years in the industry but I’m learning new things everyday. Hope you find this interesting!”

So Why Does Social Media Matter so Much?

It matters. A lot.

Reason one: SEO. A quick search of travel blogs online and you will find every single blog on the top page results utilising this channel. It is actually one of the reasons why they are sitting on the top page results.

As a first point of call, your interactions, likes and followers on social media play a part in how well you rank organically for searches on the internet.

That’s right. Play it right and it can impact your SEO positively (albeit a small aspect of SEO). A huge reason to do your research and take this advice on board.

Reason two: Networking. Ask any small business owner one of the most useful ways to make friends in business and this is the word they generally use.

A great strategy to make new friends in your business sector is to look for the areas these people hang out. Whether it be networking events, conferences or bars/pubs.

So where do travel bloggers hang out? Social Media of course!

Awesome! Which Platforms Should I Be Using?

As many as you can, but don’t use them all the same way.

There is a good reason why there are so many different social networking platforms to choose from. Each and every single one has a unique way of interaction and starting conversations.

Take types of backpack for example (as we’re all travellers here); You would choose a large, maybe 60-90 litre backpack for a few months worth of trekking and trailing across Australia right?

You would not use even a similar type of backpack to carry your lunch while you cycle to work in a morning would you? If you are doing this, just a quick tip. Don’t.

Backpacking aside: Some platforms work better than others for different things.Find a useful rundown of what different platforms are used for. Commonly used sites by our community are as followers (suggest me more if I miss out any!):

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Youtube

The next section of this article will run through some hints and tips for just some of these platforms, which helps you on the path to being a demigod in online media, or just someone who does alright at it.

Ok, So How Should I be Using Social Media?

Try and be as active as possible on all of these sites, or at least most of them. When I say active though I do not mean purely self promotional, although Youtube can be an exception to this.The whole idea of this is to create useful, engaging and interesting conversations about the genre you focus on, not to just ram your brand and ideas down people’s throat. This won’t go down well.

As mentioned the exception to the rule here can be Youtube.

Provided you are provided super awesome video content you can find ways of being subtly self promotional each time you release something new. For example encouraging new subscribers or plugging your blog (provided related to the vid) at the end of the content.

It’s always great to integrate and share though. Take Twitter for an example.

Top tip for Twitter: Try and post one self promotional piece per 5 tweets you post at the most (around 20%). This ensures your audience doesn’t think you are just there to be spammy.

Retweet useful information in your genre, and follow accounts you draw parallels with. This will help to gain followers in the right demographic for your travel blog.

When you release new content on your blog make sure you tag relevant accounts and companies when you tweet about it! This can be a great way of receiving some juicy retweets.

As you build your audience make sure you are replying to tweets and remaining active to keep growing.

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Instagram is one I’ve found to be extremely hard work, but rewarding. Try and post at least one cool photo a day. Another thing to try and do is keep your page to a single theme or genre of photos.

It looks more cool and professional, and has been shown to attract more followers.

Also, engage with people in your genre by liking photos with the same hashtags you use, and following accounts within your genre.

It takes a lot of time to become a multi million follower superhero on Instagram, but the income you can earn from this platform is certainly worth the effort.

A good amount of followers (usually hundreds of thousands or more) really does cash here.

The more you have, the more requests you’ll be getting from companies in your genre looking for some extra promotion, for a price.

Linkedin is a funny one. It is a fantastic place to network with business professionals primarily, so I wanted to throw it in here, and here is why.

If you can maintain a good presence on Linkedin with a few thousand connections, sharing your blogging and creating a bit of new content on the platform’s blog creator can be really beneficial.

People begin to notice your skills, and you can connect and contact PR Agency, Travel Company and Industry connections who can potentially be a source of revenue (or at least backlinks) in the future.

Build a good portfolio of blogs posts directly on Linkedin and share useful information about your sector. Have a 100% banging profile so you look the absolute bees knees to any potential collaborations when they consider you.

With all of the platforms you can use try and aim for peak times to post too so as many people as possible see what you are sharing.

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Thanks, I’m Super On This Now!

You can find me here on Instagram for a cheeky look at my account.


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