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In a somewhat different post to my usual, I travelled to JCB World Headquarters for a VIP Tour!

As part of my summer Internship in Mechanical Engineering I have got the opportunity to travel to some fantastic engineering environments. Today’s visit surpassed them all by far and I was amazed at the sheer scale, professionalism and overall wonderful story of JCB.

It’s not often in life you get these chances and in my opinion you should jump on then, even use them as springboards. Take the inspiring experience and use it to drive your own work forward. It only takes one brilliant idea to change lives forever after all!

Almost 60 Years of World Beating Innovation

Joseph Cyril Bamford started JCB in 1945, creating bespoke trailers to be used with the new technology of the time, the petrol driven tractor. Almost 60 years later, JCB has over 300 products on offer and has distributed over 1,000,000 machines worldwide! It has been and remains one of the finest examples of British engineering innovation the World has ever seen.


How it started

The business really began to take off after an innovative breakthrough in 1949 with the JCB major loader (pictured). This was one of the first ever vehicles to feature hydraulic arms to drive shovels, bulldozer blades and a number of other highly useful attachments.

Major Loader

Major Loader

Only a short number of years later the machine that “changed the World” was born, the backhoe loader. It was no longer required to dig with shovels, pitch forks and man power alone. The construction World had a new tool to transform and improve the way things were done far into the future.

To this day, backhoe loaders have been the single biggest selling product JCB produce, dominating the world Construction and Agriculture markets.

An Early Backhoe Loader

An Early Backhoe Loader



JCB didn’t stop after their initial success and continued to develop clever solutions and products for the Construction and Agriculture World, spending millions of pounds on improving the existing and implementing the new. In 2004 they even began building their very own engines. To mark this special occasion they broke the land speed record for a diesel powered car in 2006, clocking in at over 350mph!

The "Rolls Royce" of Backhoes. It even has a fridge and coffee maker!

The “Rolls Royce” of Backhoes. It even has a fridge and coffee maker!

I love to combine elements of travel with my work in engineering and today was a very special opportunity for me which I am humbly grateful for. Getting the chance to see companies like this in action really makes you proud of Britain and the brilliant Engineering minds we have! It also gives me inspiration to venture more into the unknown and hopefully (like Lord Bamford) find the world changing product idea every engineer dreams of!

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