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What Are The Cheapest Cities in the World?

The World’s Cheapest Cities to Live in and Visit

Are you a traveler on a budget? Maybe you’re looking to settle in a new country for a while and save some dough. We’re huge travelers at Lifetime Backpacker as you can guess, so we’re constantly asking questions like, “What are the cheapest cities in the World?”.

Luckily the Economist Intelligence Unit has provided a highly detailed report on our World’s cities. In particular how expensive, or inexpensive they can be to visit and travel to. The report ranks 133 cities Worldwide and compares average prices against each other of over 150 items. We’ve already looked at the most expensive cities in the World, now let’s take a look at the cheapest.

It’s worth taking note at this stage to always seek advice from your local government on travel guidelines.

The Top 5 Cheapest Cities in the World

According to the report, here are the least expensive cities on Earth:

1) Damascus, Syria

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque

A sad example of how political turmoil and war can ruin a country and its economy is Damascus, which tops our list. Most local governments officially advise not traveling to the country at the moment due to the civil war taking place.

This war has unfortunately brought death and destruction to one of the World’s oldest inhabited cities, a place of great historical significance for the human species. We can only hope the conflict ends as soon as possible and people are able to safely live in, and enjoy the cultural and historical brilliance this country has to offer the World.

2) Caracas, Venezuela


Up thirteen places this year to the 2nd cheapest city in the World, Caracas is the largest city in and capital of Venezuela. This is a city at altitude. Amazingly, most of the inhabited area lies at over 2,500 ft above sea level! Even more amazing than this is that the geography of the country means that even at this height you are only around a half an hour drive from the Caribbean Sea.

The South American continent has some beautiful cities and this is one with few tourists; definitely on our list. Part of the reason for it’s position on the list at the moment is due to the economic situation the country is in. Recent hyperinflation in the country means that a single £1 coin is worth over 70,000 Bolivar (Apr ’18)!

3) Almaty, Kazakhstan


This city was last years cheapest city in the World. The largest city in Kazakhstan, Almaty, has now dropped to third. This is primarily due to the floatation of the national currency, the Tenge.

The city was grown from an initial fort to protect empires of old. Today it stands as the financial centre of the country.

Situated in the foothills of the beautiful Tian Shan Mountain range, you are never far from an eye-watering natural wonder here. That’s not the only eye-watering thing you will find here. Hostels and hotel rooms start at just £6 / $7 per night in the city!

4) Lagos, Nigeria

lagos nigeria cheapest cities in the world

The largest city in Nigeria is also the most populous on the African Continent. Lagos in Nigeria is the 4th cheapest city in the World at the moment. This city is a huge hub of finance, trade, business and growth in Africa. As a result of this, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the World.

The city has historical significance for Africa, and the area was heavily involved in the politics, turmoil, and slavery in colonial times.

The city is a series of islands separated from the mainland and districts are divided up upon some of these. As a result of the diversification of these districts, business, luxury property and high rise buildings are springing up in the city frequently.

Famous for its music, Lagos has developed unique and exciting nightlife. This showcases some of the styles of music, Sakara for example, that were homegrown in the city. Tourism is also on the rise here, which is helped by yearly festivals and white sandy beach resorts in the area.

5) Bangalore, India


India features on the list first at number 5 of the cheapest cities in the World list. Bangalore is a megacity of over 10 million people and another fast-growing population and economy in the World.

Often known as the Silicon Valley of India, this city is a thriving hive of start-ups and IT companies at the forefront of global technology. Huge investment is currently being made into city infrastructure to develop further the new high-speed inner city metro transportation system. In addition to this Kempegowda International Airport has served the city since it started operating in 2008.

You can see from this information how young this city is and how exciting it is becoming. India is a superb place to visit and experience, and Bengaluru is certainly worth adding to your journey.

Cheapest Cities in the World

Looking at the cheapest cities in the World there are some sad stories and some exciting ones. All of these cities are amazing in their own unique way. Not keen on these? We’ve written extensively about the cities of Liverpool and Prague. Find out why they could be fascinating places to visit this year.

Check out the report in full on the World’s cheapest cities.


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