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Design Store Turned Cafe Brews Up to Serve Great Coffee in Liverpool

Cleveland Square, Liverpool. To those who only travel to the city you will probably rarely come across it, yet it is as close to the city centre as you can be really. Just a stone’s throw from the nightlife of Seel St and Duke St, and as close to the Liverpool One shopping centre, Cow & Co serves up good food and coffee for a great weekend lunch or brunch.

A traditional dingle of the shops bell rings as you travel inside to a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a smell any coffee lover would enjoy. Cow & Co originally started as a design store, offering you a brew as you pondered the collection.The great brew was identified as something people loved & eventually, it took over. Today Cow & Co is a cafe where you will find not only brew, but tea and food too.

The bagels are particularly delightful, yet simple. The smoke bacon, avacado and tomato accompanied with a Mocha is now a personal favourite. Don’t knock the teas though; the Turkish Apple is particularly flavoursome.

Bagels, Mochas and Turkish Apple Tea at Cow&Co Liverpool

Bagels, Mochas and Turkish Apple Tea at Cow&Co Liverpool

Tucked away from the city bustle, this cafe offers a real escape with calming vibes as you sip on a hot drink and enjoy the peaceful lighting and warmth.
Weekend breaks in Liverpool city centre are made for shopping, chilling and enjoying life in general. You’re feet are tired from travelling round the stores? Relax at this little independent just a short walk away from the stores, with a sesame seed bagel & a coffee under the low but warm glow of the lamp on the upper floor.
Cow & Co Menu

Cow & Co Menu

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