Duchess of Cornwall Inn Poundbury

A Superb Dorset Pub in The Duchess of Cornwall Inn in Poundbury

If you have read any of my other posts about Dorset or Poundbury, you will know a little bit about the place. It is a quaint, young village just on the outer end of Dorchester. If you were to visit, you will find beautiful architecture; the kind not too dissimilar to a town somewhere in rural Scandinavia.

It is all possible thanks to the investment and vision of the royal family, particularly Prince Charles, who owned this land and have developed it. That is why there are a lot of royally named streets and establishments in the area, including this one.

Not only are there amazing buildings, but spectacular things lie within them. Fantastic independent coffee houses, restaurants, boutiques and shops are littered amongst residential dwellings all around the village, allowing you to lose yourself in a maze of architectural beauty as you go.
The Duchess of Cornwall in is part of a hub of new developments slap bang in the centre of Poundbury named Queen Mother Square. Previous to it’s existence there was a distinct lacking of a large enough pub for folk to meet, and spend time together in the village. The Inn’s opening filled this gap, and filled it with style inside and out.

It’s now become a real community hub and you can often find local businessmen, residents, dog walkers and families all getting together here.

Styled to look like the Ritz (yes, the one in London) from the outside, and sitting next to a structure built as a nod to Buckingham Palace, you will certainly struggle to miss it.

Duchess of Cornwall Poundbury

The interiors are also extremely easy on the eye. They might not match the Ritz on the inside, but I don’t think this was the aim. Comfort and cosy are two feelings that come to mind as you walk through the front door, which is unique in it’s own right, fashioned from an old large copper barrel.

An absolutely gorgeous wooden staircase spans around 2 levels of seating for guests to the inn, the highest floor a function room that is bookable for private events. Following around the staircase are fantastic, beautifully framed pieces of landscape and portrait artwork. If you ever get bored while waiting for your food to arrive, you won’t be here.

The seating areas are inviting and social, with a decent amount of choice including this practical “pantry” space, ideal for having brunch and a chat, a quick business meeting with a client, or even lunch with the family and the dog, who is also welcome into the warm, The decorations, lighting, paintings and furniture of the place all stand together to make it a really stunning space to take in during your stay or meal.

Duchess of Cornwall Poundbury Dorset

The Food & Drink at The Duchess of Cornwall Inn, Poundbury, Dorset

So what is it like to have a meal inside this astonishing location? Plenty of choice is available for both a light lunch and an evening meal on the menus. The style is posh-pub grub with interesting takes on old classics: For example this Duck Cottage Pie made a tasty dish that little bit more exciting.
Duchess of Cornwall Inn Poundbury Food
Served on a board with some fresh green beans and garlic this was a superb winter warmer lunch for those cold weekends or even a tasty evening meal.
The large range of choices available mean you can even enjoy an afternoon tea or quick snack here. Good quality tea or coffee and cakes are to order. The carrot cake is something special with a flat white coffee. It was a freezing day when we went so it was amazing to have a warm drink and some hearty, lovely food.
Duchess of Cornwall Inn Poundbury Cake
Serving food from noon until 9pm every day of the week except Sundays which is until 8pm, there is plenty of time and opportunities to come in. It is becoming very popular with the locals which only says positive things about the quality of service, beer and menus I guess.

Getting to the Duchess of Cornwall Inn

It’s really easy to get here and lies in a central location in Poundbury, right off one of the main roads to Dorchester. There’s a huge, free car park right outside that serves both the local Waitrose and Garden Centre so you won’t struggle to find somewhere to put the car.

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