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Eat Tasty Thai Street Food in Leeds

Leeds is a fast growing, diverse Yorkshire city. From growing up in West Yorkshire I’ve seen the area grow almost exponentially over my life time so far. It has massively adopted technology and financial commerce in the last few years and this has led to a huge growth spurt, both in population and investment.

In turn, and to our advantage, a wealth of superb restaurants and bars are available to choose from. You’ll find awesome locations to eat out, drink and shop when you take a city break here. It’s the fourth largest city in terms of economy in the UK at the moment, and with four Universities around there’s plenty of things to do.

Zaap Thai is just one of these establishments I visited on my recent trip there. Located in the Grand Arcade near the Headrow, it is just a short walk from the centre. This restaurant serves you some great street foods in a super cool, quirky location.

From coming here a few times before, she instructed that I simply had to try it. Challenge well and truly accepted.I was visiting family for a bank holiday weekend near to my birthday and my sister suggested we go to lunch. She has a brilliant time working in the city-centre because experiencing different restaurants is what she gets to do on a regular basis. I am forever receiving messages about the sensational bars or foods she’s had, so wanted to get in on the action.

You will even feel as though you have walked straight onto a Bangkok city street when you walk through the doors. One of the first things you are greeted by is a cool TukTuk, which you can sit in! Interesting and random Siamese signage cover the ceiling and decorate the room. The place is not actually a drug store, honest!.

You can see your meal being freshly tossed and prepared in the kitchen by the expert chefs. As you sit admiring the decorations, imaging the busy Thai street just on the other side of the window you can smell your lunch is on its way.

The noodle dishes are well worth a try. The dance your taste buds will do upon taking a bite of the Pad Mee is a satisfying one. There’s something about this kind of food that seriously gets your juices flowing.

Zaap Thai Leeds Restaurant Food

Zaap Thai Leeds Restaurant Food

All in all if you enjoy the taste of this kind of meal and love a taste out of the ordinary, this comes well recommended! You can genuinely get lost in your imagination in this place with the smells, flavours and visuals taking you away to another world, a really enjoyable experience.

Zaap Thai Leeds Restaurant Tuk Tuk

Eating with Tuk Tuks

Zaap is certainly worth a visit if you like this sort of food or open to trying it. Have you been to this restaurant, or anywhere else in Leeds that you think I could benefit from seeing? Tweet me @1backpackerlife, catch me on google+ at +Lifetime Backpacker, or look on instagram under the same user name.

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