92 Degrees Coffee | Liverpool

A Great Cafe in Liverpool 

On Hardman St Liverpool lies a building with great character and history. It’s the kind of place that you know stories of old to tell when you walk inside. A former school for the blind and police headquarters turned coffee shop, 92 Degrees Coffee really stands high among the independent gems you’ll find in Liverpool to eat and drink at.
92 Degrees Coffee Liverpool
A warm, comfortable cafe for coffee lovers in Liverpool
One particularly memorable sensation you’ll experience is the instant, wonderful smell of fresh coffee you experience when you walk through the front door. As an array of cosy furniture invites you in, the sofa in the corner becomes a must grab spot for you if you enjoy a comfortable slouch with your brew. 
There’s plenty of treats on offer at this Liverpool independent cafe too, with freshly made bagels, cakes and coffee that really doesn’t disappoint. If you love a strong brew the espresso machiato will certainly satisfy your cravings.
Great coffee and food and one of the most enjoyable Liverpool independent cafes.
The food is something that you’ll be left thinking about for the rest of the day. You find yourself reliving that first bite of that salmon and cream cheese poppy seed bagel several times over. And the brownies? They’re so awesome you’ll probably want to order at least 2 as you’ll be left wanting more.
92 Degress Coffee Liverpool brownies
Amazing tasting brownies at 92 Degrees Coffee in Liverpool
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