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Italian Food Served Authentically in Liverpool

The Met Quarter, Liverpool, Merseyside. Right in the heart of the city’s shopping district lies luxury shops for you to spend big, have a break and enjoy the premium things in life at the weekend. You can sometimes travel from shop to shop until you work up a hunger and Carluccio’s is there to satisfy this need. It’s also a popular place to take your loved one, and probably going to be full of and couples this Valentine’s Day, both local and those taking a city break.
Carluccios MetQuarter Liverpool
Carluccios in Liverpool Met Quarter
A soft, welcoming vibe awaits inside which would suit any romantic valentine’s day meal or date night. If you are a fan of the home cooked Italian foods you’ll enjoy it here.

Perhaps more famous for it’s appearance on undercover boss, Carluccio’s seems to experience mixed reviews from those who dine at it’s restaurants. The experience was only a good one from my own perspective. 
The Aperol Spritz certainly went down well with the Arancini and various breads for starter. Main course had to be steak, the excitement you get when you take your first bite to realise it’s cooked exactly to your liking is one of the best food feelings for a steak fan.
Carluccios Metquarter Liverpool Steak
Medium Rare Steak. Superb.

The satisfaction gained from that steak was pretty sweet. Sometimes you have a main course so satisfying it seems almost a shame to have a desert for fear of spoiling the meal, this was one of those times. But sometimes you have to gamble on what desert brings, and being an Italian place, the tiramisu certainly had to be sampled.

The best Tirmamisu I’ve ever had is still made by my complete English Mother and something I often miss whether I’m living away in the city, taking a weekend break or travelling. It’s probably the quantity of brandy that you taste in it, along with the coffee, that really does it. However, the Tiramisu at Carluccio’s wasn’t a million miles away.

Tiramisu Carluccios Metquarter liverpool
A desert to share with the missus.

As with any good desert, you always find there’s never enough of it. All in all when you travel to Liverpool for Valentine’s Day this Italian in the city centre comes recommended for a romantic meal.

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