East Avenue Bakehouse, Bold Street, Liverpool

East Avenue Bakehouse | Liverpool

East Avenue Bakehouse on Bold Street

Bold St in Liverpool has always had a vast number of exciting and interesting places to eat scrumptious food. From romantic evening meals, afternoon coffees, breakfasts and brunch you can find plenty of places to eat out when you visit here. You will also discover a vast array of different types of cuisine. It’s almost as if the world on a plate can be had on Bold St. But sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, and close to home. East Avenue Bakehouse is the place to go to satisfy this need.Are you’re a fan of brunch, coffee and freshly baked bread on a Saturday and Sunday morning? Or any other day of the week in fact? If you are, you won’t go far wrong with a visit here.

The place fully prides itself on freshly made bread, made every single day, and has some tasty varieties for you to choose from. The business is owned and run by a “bakehouse family” of food lovers, with an ethos that fresh and locally sourced produce is the best kind. Sourcing locally not only boosts the local area, but supports the hard working and passionate small businesses that are similar to the establishment. For example most of the alcohol is sourced locally at micro breweries and distilleries. An exception to the rule; The wine, which is imported from fine, family owned vineyards of Italy amongst other places. In addition, the team love to bake! In fact the chief baker has over 25 years of experience in the game.You can even buy newly baked loaves in house daily to take home and enjoy.As for the coffee. It is plain and simply as flipping amazing as the bread. The vanilla latte being quite possibly the best tasting Latte you will ever come across in Liverpool. It’s one you definitely should spend a good bit of time enjoying. That’s a bold statement for me given I am a huge coffee drinker and barely appear without one in my hand. People do tend to drink coffee in a rush in these times though given it’s readily available nature. Taking a break to chill and enjoy a superb quality brew is something people could benefit from hugely in my opinion.Upon stepping in, the interior is clean and relaxed, almost as if you were sat in a large open plan kitchen diner. Simple, light wooden tables fill the room, as do several mouth watering smells; Those of the next loaves being baked, and the next coffee being brewed for customers. The outward facing window display gives a polite nod to the roots of the company and what the staff take pride in.
One amazing tasting Vanilla Latte.

One amazing tasting Vanilla Latte.

The menu has some really delicious breakfast/brunch food to eat. If you’re a bacon sandwich fan, you may really enjoy the family tradition. The taste of bacon, fresh avocado, mayonaise and black pepper in a soft granary bread sandwich will leave you feeling very satisfied indeed.
Feeling like a more standard breakfast? The different fresh breads can be tried upon a platter of toast for two in the form of the breakfast bread board. This is fantastic for the times when you just crave toast like it’s the only food left in the world. The home made jams and marmalade that come on the side make for a simple yet fantastic tasting slice of toast.
Like your eggs poached, fried or scrambled? You can decide which way you want them on toast. Eggcellent gives you the ultimate choice with a great topping of salmon, mushrooms or bacon to compliment. The taste of smoked salmon really melts your mouth and it’s really almost as if it’s come straight from the sea, on to your plate.
Sunday Brunch at East Avenue Bakehouse, Liverpool

Sunday Brunch at East Avenue Bakehouse, Liverpool

Of all the places to eat Sunday Brunch in the area while out and about, this most definitely is up there with some the finest independent establishments in the city. The food is excellent and there’s plenty of things to try on the menu!Have you visited before? Let me know your thoughts! I’m always interested in hearing about people’s food experiences so drop me a tweet or a message at @1backpackerlife

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