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Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill

The Commercial district. Home to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill. This restaurant inside The Hotel Indigo on Chapel Street is one of the city’s finest bars and restaurants to eat out at. This is one of those fine places where you can enjoy tasty food, and drink that definitely makes any evening a romantic and special one.Marco Pierre White began his career as a chef in Yorkshire before moving to London at a young age. Through an extremely hard working career as a chef, this man became something of a household name in food. He even became the first British chef to earn three Michelin Stars. Back in 2008 he opened his first MPW Steakhouse, Bar and Grill in the capital. Since then new restaurants have opened in hotels across the UK and grown in popularity over the years, which is why you see one in the Hotel Indigo today.

If you’re planning to travel to the city on a short, romantic weekend break you will definitely want to put this on your consideration list for dinner. Around 6.45pm was the best time to arrive on a Friday. This is because arriving at this particular time allowed for around thirty minutes at least of exclusive dining before other customers turned up. Something that really gives you a bit of a VIP feeling.Customers come to be seated at a steady pace from then on wards throughout the evening, and the restaurant seemed to fill up nicely by the time the evening got into swing. One interesting measure of a good restaurant is the ability for diners to hold a conversation at normal volume while the establishment is full or nearly full. It was pleasing to be able to still speak in soft tones to your other half with so many people around!
Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill Liverpool Hotel Indigo

You can barely notice the restaurant is situated in the same building as the Hotel Indigo, as it stands out with it’s own warm decoration and relaxing music. This makes the location a fantastic setting for a relaxed meal with friends or a partner. It stands out as a place that you could visit with various different types of people for different reasons, and not feel out of sorts at all.

The staff are highly professional and polite. They are clearly trained and skilled to provide you with a great service, catering to your every need. Should that need be a good steak, you shall be very satisfied indeed.

Served with a choice of sauce, rocket salad and crispy potato wedges. The first impression you get from looking at, and tasting the steak was that it was melt in your mouth delicious. Something that Marco Pierre White could be extremely proud of.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill Liverpool Hotel Indigo

Liverpool has many places for eating out, but establishments that serve as good a steak as this one are hard to find. Even if you are not a
big red wine fan like myself, you will find the wine seems to flow
really well with the food. Sipping a mouthful of red wine after sampling the
steak is a really smooth party of flavours in your mouth that is enjoyable to the very last sip.

A brilliant tip when planning to visit the restaurant would be to take a look at the website before you go. Regularly there are some offers and discounts available, and there is also the option to purchase gift cards for loved ones. An example off which has ran would be the sirloin and chips for two for £35, which includes a bottle of wine. The company regularly run seasonal offers too, an example being the three course offer that ran for the Grand National festival in Spring of this year.

The sirloin and chips offer ran in early 2016 so look out for it again in the future. It was actually a birthday treat from my girlfriend at the time, and I felt it was the perfect gift for someone who likes food, red meat and eating out as much as I do!

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