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Liverpool Lark Lane Bistro | The Moon and Pea

There are great things to do and places to eat in Liverpool. You’ll find many quirky and interesting sights and people when spending an afternoon or evening eating out on Lark Lane. I once saw a lady wearing a multi coloured rainbow trench coat walking a bright pink dog to match. It was shocking!
Lark Lane is home to some great restaurants; You’ll taste some awesome foods, and hot chocolate when eating out at The Moon and Pea Bistro in Liverpool! The best advice would be to turn up early or call ahead, as this place is highly popular and gets buzzing. On the weekends you’ll often find a small queue forming outside the front entrance a short time before lunch, which really shows how popular the place is! You can book a table after 6pm if you fancy an evening meal though.


The moon and Pea Lark Lane Liverpool

The Deli is a real buzzing atmosphere if you happen to go for lunch on a weekend city break, and it’s clear to see why when you try the food. There’s a really good range of options available including specials and “soups of the day” to see and order from the boards in house.

One particular drink that stood out was the fabulous hot chocolate. There’s a few hot chocolates to choose from on the menu but this one is the bees knees. Depending on how you look at it, it’s both a mug of absolute sweet tasting heaven and a tankard of dieters hell at the same time! BUT, it was absolutely delicious. The pieces of chocolate on top of the cream drenched in caramel sauce made this a superbly special drink.

The Moon and Pea Bistro and Deli, Lark Lane, Liverpool. The Fabulous Hot Chocolate.

The Moon and Pea Bistro and Deli, Lark Lane, Liverpool. The Fabulous Hot Chocolate.

Whilst eating out here, we dined on the Fish and Chips, and tried the Soup of the Day. The soup was a large, steaming bowl of Tomato and Basily goodness. It had a basil-punch taste with a smooth, tomato finish that got your taste buds going like the clappers. The Fish and Chips were classic. You could have been sat on Crosby Beach getting dive bombed by seagulls while tasting the fresh battered fish to be honest!

The Moon and Pea Bistro and Deli Lark Lane Liverpool

The Moon and Pea Bistro and Deli Lark Lane Liverpool

All in all I’d certainly get yourself to the Moon and Pea if you travel to the city and are planning to eat out. Being lucky enough to live near there at the moment I’ll certainly be back. The food was truly delicious and there’s so many more things to try on the menu!

There’s so many independant restaurants, bars and cafes to visit in the Merseyside area that are extra special. Why don’t you see what other Liverpool restaraunts I’ve been out to recently.

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