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How to Enjoy a City Break in Prague

A Prague city break is ridiculously popular these days, and not just for Europeans. The city has become a globally known tourist spot. The reason for this? It’s a real delight to spend a long weekend here. The city really appeals to everyone from romantic couple to party animal. Art, architecture, culture and history are deep rooted here and as a result nearly everyone can sink into something enjoyable.

The area is rich with stunning architecture. There is a wealth of green space and there are tons of places to enjoy amazing food and drink. Want to know how to enjoy a city break in Prague? This article will talk through some of the city’s most attractive and best sights.

Prague’s history, and the land it was founded upon, goes back thousands of years. In the 500 BC era a Celtic tribe ruled the land when it was a meagre trade route connecting various points in Europe. It wasn’t until the Přemyslid dynasty settled in the region that things truly started to develop. The castle was built in the 800’s and was one of the largest fortresses in Europe for a long time.

The land was part of the Holy Roman Empire and developed into an important trading hub in the early 10th century and sowed the seeds that led to the growth of the city that we see today. A wealth of architects, artists and royalty have all resided in the city over it’s history and the architecture reflects this massively: This city is beautiful. Which brings us onto our first place to see during a Prague city break.

Prague Old Town Square

A fantastically old and amazing looking area of the city, this square has stayed very similar looking for the last thousand years. It is a brilliant place to hit up first in Prague to get a vibe of the city and how it looks. Everyone who comes here is simply amazed by the beauty. Top that off with quirky street performances and the occasional city festival event taking place here such as the signal festival in October and you have a must see.

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock

Right round the corner of the town square on the side of the old town hall is the best preserved mechanical clock in the world. Sitting just on the south side of the building there is a clock that is a marvel of mechanical engineering and art for the time it was built, in 1410! Over the years it has been extensively looked after and cared for to ensure the regular hourly show still appears on the dot every hour to this day!

Have a Beer

The Czechs love the stuff, and its crystal clear why! The beer made in Czechia has to be some of the finest brew made anywhere in the world. And for us visiting tourists from the UK it works out pretty darn cheap too. Our tip? Don’t just go for the well known stuff like Staropramen and Budvar! Try something you have never had before and you will be amazed. For those who are really into brews, give the beer museum a go on your visit. There are a whopping 30 different beers to try.

Beer on a Prague City Break

Beer on a Prague City Break

Prague Castle

The Prague city break simply isn’t complete without seeing one of the most stunning architectural builds the area has to offer. The castle, or Pražský hrad. It’s easy to see why millions of people come here each year. Built in 870-880 this superb looking fortress was the home of royalty for centuries, and is where the president of Czechia’s seat stands today. Tours are available at the castle for people who are interested in absorbing the history and culture in more detail. It is a place where many people who were there simply could not take their eyes off both the views of the city, and the amazing architecture. Definitely worth taking a good camera!

The Castle - Don't miss on a Prague city break

Don’t miss the castle and grounds on a Prague city break

Enjoy a walk across Charles Bridge on a Prague City Break

An absolute must for anyone that visits here. Views of the Vlatva river from Charles Bridge are some of the most eye watering in the city. The bridge was built in the 1300’s and when you walk over it you can almost feel it’s history. Cobble by cobble, you ponder on the inhabitants of this magical city that crossed the bridge throughout time. There are fascinating statues from the 17th century that lie all the way along the bridge. As a result this adds to the historic nostalgia vibe as a journey across the bridge continues. Don’t forget to stop and take in the wonderful views of the river!

Charles Bridge River Vlatva - perfect place to visit on a prague city break

River Vlatva from Charles Bridge

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