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Lake Königssee Germany

I could have spent weeks here.

One of the Best Road Trips Ever!

Today was an absolute masterpiece of nature and beauty, If you’re a fan of travelling to discover and appreciate nature at its absolute finest, you will love this!

Halfway around my road trip, I was in the German alps. Some of the most epic experiences were had here.

Dear Diary

Today was quite frankly exceptional! One of those days that you remember always. It started in the best possible way for a weary traveller though, a highly appreciated warm shower. Following the wonderful feeling of hot water running down the body I drove into to do some hiking in Berchtesgaden National Park.

The sights on offer here are of the kind you will always hold a spot for in your mind, and your heart, truly breathtaking, the below photo was taken on the cliffs of Lake Königssee.

The size of this eye watering melted body of ice is big, but absolutely dwarfed by the beautiful summits that surround it. The colour of the water is as fresh and blue as you could ever imagine it, which is in turn a wonderful contrast to the shades of leafy green pines that surround it in the summer months.The hike taken revolved around part of a huge lake, Königssee in the South East of the National Park, towards the border with Austria. Formed by a glacier in the last ice age, is is vast. Over a mile wide at points and nearly 5 miles long. The name translates in English to King’s Lake, and this is definitely a location fit for royalty.

It would be easy to spend weeks here getting lost in the awe inspiring wilderness and breathing in what feels like some of the cleanest air in the world. Not a single person one Earth would fail to be taken back by the atmosphere here. A place that once you have been you will want to return a lot, for increased lengths of time in the future.


Following the hike I began on my journey again. Ambitiously, a location close to Monaco was entered into the trusty Sat Nav, a journey of nearly 9250km, or ~575 miles, and off the van went. Knowing in the back of my mind a journey that far would not completed in just one afternoon.  Not being sure where you are going to spend your next night on a solo road trip is an exciting feeling of freedom.I returned to the camper, weary from my hike and the amazing things I’d seen, It was truly a sad moment to have such a limited amount of time in a place as close to heaven on Earth as here is.

Austrian Alps

A drive to remember for the rest of your life

The highways in this area are high and mountainous, with a river flowing alongside them all the way. Stopping on more than a few occasions to simply show thanks to nature and take it all in just simply had to be done, and the photographs captured simply do not do any justice to what you can see here.The afternoon of driving that followed was quite possible the most spectacular you can ever encounter in life. Difficult to keep eyes on the drive and not plunge into the valleys below, at times your eyes are simply overloaded with epic natural beauty on this section of highway. There are colours of Green and Blue so prominent and alluring that you would never know they even existed before.

Austrian alps roads

Breathtaking sights in Austria

I had the pleasure of passing through Saint Moritz on my way, a past host of the Winter Olympics.I can now say I’ve been in 5 different countries all in the same day as one straight road took me through Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy!

This alpine resort hosts some amazing architecture as well as nature, the five star hotels here spectacles in their own right. Because of this the town is well known as one of the most expensive places to take a winter sports holiday in the World, and you’ll regularly see celebrities and billionaires enjoying the slopes and pistes here in the ski season,

The region is also famous for the Cresta run toboggan track, which has been around since the 1800’s. One of the only few on the planet dedicated to the skeleton form of the sport, the club has been active for over a hundred and twenty five years now.

It does not disappoint in the summer months too. Renowned for the abundant of sunshine here throughout the year you will see thousands of wealthy hikers and adventurers enjoying the mountains here in the warm months. A huge freshwater body of water seems to dwarf the idyllic town behind it, only to be dwarfed itself by the seemingly boundless forests and mountains that surround the scene.

Time was limited however and the trip had to continue over the border, and into Italy.

Eventually reaching Lecco, Italy. This was decided as the best spot to stop for the night at a campsite named River Bella, and beautiful it is! The van parked up less than 10m from shore of one of Italy’s great lakes. The sunset falls over the mountains in the most stunning way here, leaving only only the gentle lapping sound of waves against the shoreline to sooth you. A cool Italian lager from the bar aids the relaxation process. Very gangster looking Italian gentlemen, wearing sunglasses and drinking espresso at 9pm seems to be the norm in this place.

Sunset over Lake Lago, Italy

Sunset over Lake Lago, Italy

Travelling this far on your own will truly make you appreciate the simple things in lifeNext is  the long road to the South of France, and Monaco and Nice. But first a long sleep. Driving through so many spectacular places in one day exhausts the mind,  and the body. Not to mention the gruelling, yet magnificent morning hike that was undertaken on this day too.

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