Stuttgart's redbrick roofs from the hillside

Road Trip Europe | Stuttgart

Travel Plans Back on Track?

Okay so it’s not been the most successful road trip so far, but as I said in European road trip day 3, “Dealing with the hurdles of journeys, and indeed life, define us as human beings…”. With this in mind I powered on into day 3 of my adventure…

Dear DoT

A more productive day than yesterday occurred today and as a result I’ve managed to almost catch up with my original plans! I had hoped to be in Munich by yesterday evening but I’ll be there tomorrow morning instead now.

Today I visited Stuttgart, a city surrounded by hills and valleys in the Baden-Württemberg region of Southwest Germany, and it had some beautiful city views from the hills! The kind of scenery you can only describe as dream like imagery, scenery that only the imagination can attempt to replicate. I’m grateful for the camera!

Famous for festivals, cars, food and drink, how could I not visit?! I only wish I had spent longer than an afternoon there. That’s the one problem of adventuring round Europe in only two weeks, there’s so little time to see everything!


Who wouldn’t want to visit here!

Can I still complete the route through Europe? Two days less to make it, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Roll on Munich and the German Alps next!
Stu xx

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