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Fully Appreciating the Adventure Around You While Travelling

Things began to look even more like a fantastic road trip today, as the realisation kicked in about what I was doing and where I was!

Dear DoT

Today I finally began to fully appreciate the merits of travelling alone. Having arrived in Munich early morning I was frankly unimpressed (especially with parking!). After a walk around the city centre to take in the architecture and a coffee my mood improved and I felt the need to drive some more. I made for Berchtesgaden!!

Powering through the Autobahns was an incredibly empowering feeling, driving fast and living every second knowing that I was 1,000 miles away from anyone I knew. However the Autobahns ran out almost as fast as the vehicles that drive on them, and I was left with another, spectacular kind of road this afternoon. These were kind of roads you see in old European movies, the only thing missing from them in fact were the old motor cars used in these movies!


Many times on this road did I park up and gaze at the glorious mountain peaks above me, and the all consuming valleys and gorges below me. But the one thing that made these moments the most special? Having the privacy to breath in the landscape and life-giving air as a solo act. It was truly breathtaking.

Beautiful rolling hills and buildings everywhere!

Beautiful rolling hills and buildings everywhere!

I’m currently laid in the van as I write this. The side door is open to showcase a spectacular mountain side. Clouds hug the summits like the icing on the German Pastry I had for breakfast this morning. Nordic looking pine trees surround me as they all worship the mountains above them, seemingly facing towards their superior creation of nature.I haven’t decided whether to go hiking tomorrow or explore more by road. Another advantage of having only one opinion to consider is that you can be spontaneous.

All of a sudden life is amazing again and I’ve only the clean air and mother nature to thank. Easily pleased I might seem, but I think this place would brighten even the darkest of stars.

I just hope this is not the only stunning destination I reach on my journey, the most amazing things await the brave!

Auf Widersen for now,

Stu x

Day 5 of the trip turned out to be one of the most exceptional road trips ever! Check it out.

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