You Can Now Take the Eurostar London to Amsterdam Direct. Here’s Everything you Need to Know

International train travel has been upgrading and improving leaps and bounds recently. First, Eurostar introduced Amazon Prime Video free of charge for their services. In addition, channel tunnel operator Eurotunnel has been trying to expand its range of services to offer links to Holland for customers for a while now. In fact, it was over 5 years ago a direct link between the United Kingdom and The Netherlands was first discussed between German operator Deutsche Bahn and Eurotunnel.

But now it looks as though it is going to happen soon courtesy of our favourite train company. The very first direct trains from, yes, Eurostar, London to Amsterdam is due to set off in 2018. Here’s everything you need to know.

When and How Can You Get a Eurostar London to Amsterdam?

There will be a select number of trains per day at first in order to gauge demand. This gives Eurostar the opportunity to introduce the new route to potential travellers in Holland. It will be a brand new company and route there, so it’s expected reciprocating visits from Amsterdam to London will be low at first.

The London Amsterdam route will be direct and take 4 and a half hours roughly. But, as a result of the forecasted low demand for return journeys, when travelling from Amsterdam to London passengers will have to go through passport controls in Brussels. It is planned to have this happen in Holland in the near future, however, in order to ensure direct transfers both ways.

How Does the Eurostar London to Amsterdam Compare to Flying?

Initially, Eurostar will be offering 2 trains per day to the Dutch Capital. These are planned from St Pancras at 08:31 and 17:31. If you are lucky enough to take advantage of this you will really see the difference to taking a direct flight here too. With free WiFi, Amazon Prime Video, Plug Sockets and much better leg room if you like to be busy on your journey the train has to be a strong option. Not to mention the ground level scenery!

For those keen on sustainable or ecotourism too, the train journey has been measured to emit around 80% less carbon into the atmosphere than an equivalent passenger flight.

The route has been launched to compete directly with the airlines. Because of this, prices are low. Tickets will be available from the 20th of February and start a £35 one-way, which is very competitive with the flying option.

Eurostar has certainly seen an opportunity here. Over 4 million people travel from the London area to Amsterdam each year and this direct link could be exactly what the two cities need.

uk tourist numbers london amsterdam eurostar 2018

So it looks as though many more Brits will be taking the trip to Amsterdam in the future. Compare it against the London Paris Eurostar route. When this was introduced, there was also roughly 4 million people travelling between the two capitals every year. Since then, it is said visits have doubled to around 8 million per year. It looks as there is now potential for the same to happen between the Dutch and UK Capitals, which will hopefully bring huge benefit to both countries economies.

With UK tourism due to reach record levels this year, who knows where we could go with the Eurostar London to Amsterdam route!



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