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Eurostar to Offer Amazon Prime Video For Free!

Access to Prime Video Now Available For Eurostar Passengers

Eurostar connects countless passengers from the UK to the continent every single year. Its high-speed train service links London with Avignon, Brussels, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Paris. As a result, it has never been easier to travel to France and Belgium without taking to the air.

What’s more than that? a train arrives in the city centre, not at an airport. So, in short, you can get to where you need to be in the city quicker when you get off.

They look after their passengers too it seems. Their latest deal with Amazon gives people taking a trip with Eurostar the opportunity to watch Prime Video content.

What is Prime Video?

Prime video has revolutionised on-demand shows, movies and video content since its launch in 2006. Originally showing popular movies and shows, the platform has developed over time. Today, you can find lots of Amazon created award-winning shows and movies. Examples of these include: Golden Globe-winning and Emmy nominated Mr Robot and Emmy winning Transparent.

One of their most famous moves was to hire Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond in 2015. This was to create a brand new show to rival the BBC’s long-running car programme. Along with former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman, they created The Grand Tour. 

The show has produced more than one series already. It has been really positively received by critics and called “Top Gear on Steroids”. As a result, many die-hard Top Gear fans have taken to the platform to enjoy it.

Eurostar London

London to Paris is now more fun with Amazon Video

How do I Get Access Onboard?

The free access to Amazon Video will be available on the Eurostar e320 fleet of trains. This catalogue of video content will be available via an app created by the rail service. This can be accessed by connecting to the onboard Wi-Fi service on the trains and loading up the Eurostar App.

There will be around 300 hours of content available to view. In addition, the company has promised to refresh this on a regular basis. There will also be kid-friendly content available too. Great for keeping the children busy on the journey into Europe.

Aswell as video content, the app also offers: Information on train times, booking management and the ability to purchase mobile tickets. Also, there is a loyalty scheme associated with the users Eurostar account.

So, whatever colour your British Passport is in the future, you’ll be able to enjoy great shows while speeding across the English Channel into Europe.


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