Everything you need for a European Road Trip!

I’m Going on a Road Trip!

2 weeks spare? Go traveling!

Since I finished my second year of University in June I’ve been working as a Mechanical Engineer designing firefighting related stuff (me like fire). But I’ve left two weeks spare at the end of my summer (before I go back to University). What am I going to do with it? ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

The plan is to mince around France during my time, particularly the West Coast. I have decided to visit Bénodet as it was the location of a quality holiday I had when a was a lot younger. There’s also a nice beach there I hear. I’ve no idea where else I’m going to visit at this stage, but I know it’s going to be epic!

Yorkshire to Bénodet! But where else?

What do you need to Road Trip?


Seen as I’m going it alone, the first thing I need is bravery. It’s a journey of firsts for me as I’ve never traveled alone before and I’ve also never driven on the opposite side of the road before (not the left side, the other one), so you could say this is going to be a slightly new experience

Euro Moolah.

The camper I’m hiring is luckily a pretty fuel efficient little monster, and it’s also diesel. Pretty useful in France as Diesel is generally cheaper than unleaded there (keeping with the opposite theme). This will make sure I have a decent saving on the fuel I need to buy but sparing no bull, it will still be a significant cost for the journey.

If you run out of money you could always get friends/family to send you some without having to pay any fees! See my article on how to send money abroad free.

You’ve also got to factor in tolls, they can be a ridiculous expense if you’re not careful.My plan is just to avoid the toll roads altogether! Then there’s the obvious expenses of food, ferry, van rental and camping (if you want to pay! There are plenty of free spots!).

Safety Stuff for Driving in France

Before you Travel to France and drive, there are several compulsory items you need in your vehicle. The list below shows these. There may be less room for food/beer (don’t drink and drive), but these items are legal requirement.

– Breathalyser
– High Vis Jacket
– Warning Triangle
– GB Sticker
– Headlight Adjustments

Other Stuff for Road Tripping

Personally I’m going to treat it like a camping trip and take the things you generally take for that. Obviously it depends how well your vehicle is kitted out. I’m basic with fridge, cooker, ipod dock, bed, a small water tank and nothing much else. I’m going to take the following:
– Phone. Travelling alone makes this an relatively important item to take.
– Music (MP3/Ipod etc)
– Small amount of water
– Small amount of food
– French Aires guide/France Passion guide

To explain the final point. French Aires are places where you can cheaply (up to 10€) take your motorhome and stop over night, some even have facilities!

France Passion

I love the idea of this, so I thought I’d give it a bash. Basically some genius has set up a membership scheme where farms/vineyards etc all over France sign up and allow road trippers to stay at their abodes over night. Travelers may sometimes get the opportunity to try and purchase local produce (vin, fromage etc). To get access to this network you simply buy the guide and get a membership card, easy peasy winey cheesy! I’m certainly looking forward to gorging on some amazing cheese and wine whilst I’m sleeping for free!

Where to go for a road trip

Go where the road takes you! Follow your nose, heart and instinct and most important of all, cherish the experience as if it is the last trip you will ever take. Life is only lived once so travel often! #1backpackerlife

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