Fraser Island Australia

Island is a first-class world heritage site. I was lucky enough to spend three
days on this sensational sand island with a Cool Dingo Tour… 

Day One:

My first morning
was spent at one of the most popular lakes on the island, Lake McKenzie
(usually the one shown in all the advertisements for Fraser). It is a freshwater lake with beautiful clear waters, definitely a nice little spot to chill
on the sand or go for a swim. Although, swimming may depend on the time of year
you visit. It can feel pretty cold when it’s winter in Aus!
afternoon included; Basin Lake (less impressive than McKenzie), a rainforest
walk, Central Station, Wanggoolba Creek and sunset on the beach (drinking cider
in a canoe – living the dream).

At the start
of the walk we saw a monitor lizard climbing a tree, it was incredible to
actually see one in the wild. They are quite impressive reptiles up close!
Wanggoolba Creek was cool too, very pretty and relaxing just listening to the
Overall, it
was a brilliant first day. The only thing that spoiled it slightly was checking
in to the wilderness lodge at the Kingfisher Bay Resort that night. The
accommodation was included in the trip, but the resort had double booked
multiple rooms and separated people that were travelling together when
allocating beds. They also seemed to be missing several keys, which was obviously an
issue. It was 9pm before we finally got a room and a working key, but all’s
well that ends well. At least the ‘all you can eat’ buffet for dinner was good!
Food was also included in the trip. It’s amazing how much you really appreciate
a good meal when you are backpacking, no more noodles yay!

Day Two:

Day two was
by far my favourite day of the trip. A chilly start to the morning, but it
soon warmed up with the sun. Before I knew it we were heading down the beach
highway. I was staring out of the bus window, watching the waves
roll in and the whales blowing steam while they migrated up the coast. It was A-MAZ-ING.
As corny as it sounds, Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ was playing and I was watching the
whales just as I recognised the chorus, ‘Para-para-paradise’. It described the
moment perfectly. I felt so happy to be travelling again.  

knowing how many whales were out there we jumped at the chance to do a scenic
flight over the island. It was awesome. I got to co-pilot, which means I was
allowed to sit in the front and I was told not to touch anything. From the sky,
we saw; pods of whales, a huge shark and a mother whale with her calf (above). There is
something magical about seeing wildlife like that, whales are just so majestic.
We also flew over sand dunes, a butterfly shaped lake and the Maheno Shipwreck
on the beach below. The flight was only about 15 minutes, but totally worth it.

Next we
checked out the shipwreck from the sand, before driving on to the Pinnacles
coloured sands which are surrounded by aboriginal legend. Our driver told us a
lovely story about someone being killed with a boomerang and the splatter
forming the sands.

afternoon was spent at the champagne pools, where we saw tiny tropical fish in
the rock pools. Then we spent an hour taking in the views at Indian Head Point, before going to Eli Creek. We finally saw wild dingoes at Eli Creek! One casually walked straight towards me staring. We had been warned they can be aggressive, but I stood straight and
didn’t turn my back to it. 
After a brief face off it passed by (slightly scary).

Day Three:

We went to
Lake Birrabeen first thing, which was equally as beautiful as Lake McKenzie. The
idea was to do some paddle boarding, but I failed miserably at it. I blame the
fact that the paddle board was an inflatable one. It wasn’t as hard and sturdy
as it should have been, ok? It had nothing to do with my poor balance or shaky
legs! Apparently Lake Birrabeen is a tea tree lake though, so good for your
skin if you fall in. Or maybe that was just a lie they told us to get us
involved. Throughout my time in Australia I learned that Aussies love to wind
up tourists, although it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a tea tree lake on
Fraser. Who knows?

Then it was
off to Eurong Beach Resort for an early lunch. It was the best lunch we had had
on tour. We had fresh veg, salad, fish, soup, rice and chicken etc. It was maybe
a little early to eat at 11.30am, it didn’t stop us though!
The final
leg of our trip was a trek across a huge sand dune to Lake Wabby for some
sunbathing. Lake Wabby is special, because it was formed by sands being blown
around and forming a bank to make the water collect in one place. We just laid
there basking and talking away the afternoon before returning to the resort.
The ferry left at around 5pm and we watched the sun set as we drifted away. I
was quite sad to leave, but excited for the next adventure.

This was not
the first time I had visited Fraser Island and the beauty has remained untouched.
The weather was a little better the second time around though! Fraser Island is
definitely a slice of paradise on the East Coast of Australia and worth a visit,
even just for the day!

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