Freelance Travel Blogging and Writing, Can It Be a Sustainable Way To Live?

Travel The World While Earning A Living?

Most bloggers dream of only one thing. To backpack around the world while earning a great wage for their work doing it. But how possible is it really?


Travel the world while you earn a living, how possible is it?
Receiving your monthly wage from here? You must be joking! Right?…


So you’re sat watching the television one night and dreaming of distant lands to visit next summer.

Indonesia? Hell yes! Australia? Sure thing!

You arrive at thinking about your ultimate dream. One day in the not so distant future you want to be able to make a living working for yourself, preferably through an online business.

This dream is shared by millions of people most likely, so I thought I would have a look at the opportunities and possibilities of  making it big online in this industry.

With a few years of travelling and writing under my belt, and a full time job in the digital industry, I do have a decent amount of experience in the online sector for my age. I’ve worked in digital marketing for years, had my own business whilst at university and always have something on the go outside of career, such as this website.

The idea of travelling whilst blogging about where you’ve been, or doing related things as a sustainable source of income, came up in my head. One thing I do know is that to have absolutely any chance at all in this sort of thing; you have to be very social and active on all sorts of platforms.

For example Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are brilliant places to start in this genre. .

But it is simply not enough just to be active, you have to have, or develop a large following too. A very big one. This is a brilliant way to attract potential sponsors, magazines or industry related websites and companies interested in you, your ideas and your site.

To achieve this you have to post high quality posts, and often. There are many strategies to follow and adhere to for different social media platforms, but keeping your work within the rules, i.e. no spammy behaviour, is absolutely essential.

Which brings me on to the three most popular ways I have seen fellow bloggers earning for their traveller stories.

Travel meme
Bet you’ve all felt like this at least once

Freelance Travel Writing

It’s becoming so much harder now to actually get paid to do this. Nowadays, and from personal experience, the freelance writer’s inbox is put under siege by a fierce volley of so called great exposure opportunities that one simply cannot miss out on.

These opportunities are okay, but usually you complete articles for free for a link back to your website. Work for free? Don’t exit yet. In order to make your name known and make sure you can make money in the future you need to do this. How else are you going to earn the domain authority needed on your website to be seen otherwise?

Some people choose to do this by guest blogging appearances on each others websites to cross promote each other, and obviously provide links back.

As awareness of your brand and your blog reach increases it’s more likely you can pick up a paycheck for what you do.

Advert Space on Your Website

If you can manage to build yourself an immense domain authority and fantastic overall traffic stats for your site, as well as a fiercely loyal social media following, then selling ads might be the way to go.

However the things mentioned above do not come without extreme blood, sweat and tears and probably at least a year or two worth of content from blogging. Sounds a lot like hard graft? It is!

All the while you need to be finding inspiration for all this content you have to write, and traveling is the main source of it, which as you guys are aware, costs money. So it seems that as with any business, an initial investment of money and time is needed in order to succeed.

This is not looking similar to the original pot of gold you thought it was now is it?

lifetime backpacker travel meme
If you get these popping up on your blog, you’ve made it.

Affiliate Marketing

Related to the previous point really is the idea of selling someone elses products through your blog, social channels and contacts. In order to gain a level of success it takes all of the requirements mentioned in previous points as well as a good head for sales. Also, you have to believe the product is sell-able to your followers! There’s no point selling luxury goods to your followers if most of them are skint adventurers.

Create and Sell a Product

Okay so I know I said three ways but I thought I’d stick this in too. I did a Mechanical Engineering and Business degree which made me a bit of an entrepreneur. Hopefully you are too. So you’ve made your blog that brilliant that it has around one hundred thousand feisty continent hoppers drooling over it’s every word.

Why not solve a problem for them at the same time? After all, with all your traveling experience, there must surely be something you think could be made easier with one simple product or gadget! You can do anything if you put your mind into it!

backpacker travel toilet
Cardboard Toilet? Don’t know if I’m sold or disgusted!

So back to the original question. Is it possible to live life as a globe trotting writer? Well looking back at what you’ve just read it seems it takes a special kind of person. One who is willing to work at the ferocity of a crazy beaver. All hours, for free, for many months and years until he or she gets a break. You still want to go for it? Just remember this, Sleep is for those people who are broke.

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