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A Mini Adventure to Austria

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My internship this summer has been a fantastic, highly valuable learning experience. I’ve visited lots of different industrial environments and I’m now lucky enough to be travelling to Austria in August! It’s all part of a visit to one of the largest fire engine manufacturers in the World, located just outside of where we are staying, which I’m sure will be fantastic in itself! There’s something simply wonderful about seeing the creation of huge machines up close, some of it is so creative and clever that it’s comparable to pieces of art!

The city we are staying in however is called Linz, and from what I have looked up it looks like a mysteriously captivating European old town. Exciting stuff!

Where is Linz?

Linz is considered to be capital of Northern Austria and located around 30 kilometers to the South of the Czechoslovakian border.

What’s good in Linz?

Being third in the “largest cities in Austria” list, Linz has plenty to offer, especially in areas of History, art and culture. It was originally a Roman city, Lentia, and has played an important role in the region throughout history ever since.

Capital of Culture

Linz was the 2009 European Capital of culture and is rich with beautiful architecture and art. Hit up the Lentos Kunstmuseum to satisfy your thirst for both of these. It’s also currently home to Höhenrausch 2014 (27th June-19th October). This is a fantastic, creative and artistic interactive space on the rooftops in the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter.

The Mariendom Linz is another spectacle of this city. A large Gothic Looking Cathedral stands tall and proud awaitng investigation. Hopefully I’ll get some photos of this to put up when I get back!

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