increase the instagram reach engagement and followers

Increase Instagram Reach, Engagement and Followers

Improve Instagram Reach, Engagement & Followers!

Not getting to where you want to be for Instagram reach, comments, likes, and followers? This is nothing to worry about and many people have the same problem. Taking the steps to learn this arsenal of tools and tricks goes a long way. Because, if you can get ahead by learning these, then go for it!

Instagram first started in 2010 as a buggy, crashy social media app that no one was really interested in. Fast forward to now and it is the most used app on the planet:

  • More than forty billion (40 billion!) posts have been shared since the app launched.
  • There are over four billion likes on posts per day.
  • hashtags receive over 12% more engagement compared to no hashtag.

Looking at those stats, it’s come along a huge way in a short space of time. But with all that development and change, the way we have to interact with Instagram to get the best results has also changed.

Take June 2016 for example when Instagram introduced the non-chronological feed. Everyone had a semi-meltdown for a short period of time. Experts frantically tried to decipher the new best way to achieve good organic results through the app. It’s been over a year since then and the fall out suggests we are in a better place in terms of knowledge now.

The algorithm is complex, and no one may ever know for sure what exactly makes it tick. However, there is a strong indicator of certain tasks and changes that you can make to your profile and feed that helps. This article will run through the most important things you can do to increase your popularity and Instagram reach. Let’s get you on the right path to success!

Be an Active Instagrammer

This has to be the most crucial tip. Because of this, it goes first. Activity is the basic foundation to success and Instagram reach and is absolutely vital to success. If you are active, people see you. However, if you do not post anything you will not be seen!

We’re not just talking about posting here either. Being active means liking and maybe, more importantly, commenting on other users posts relevant to your niche. Leaving a nice note or comment on a post is an opportunity to network with people. Not only that, the algorithm picks up that when you comment and post you are an active user and could favour you over less active accounts in the feed.

Be a Badass Photographer to Improve Instagram Reach

With the popularity of the app the way it is these days, it’s hard to make yourself stand out above the rest. As a result, if you can learn to be, or already are a cracking photographer you may have the edge already!

If you feel like you could do better then check out what the really popular accounts are doing, and see if you can improve your photography to replicate, with your own style of course. The first few points made here are crazy obvious but very valid and true, so we have not left them out.

Network and Talk to Others

The old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” holds a good amount of weight here. Whenever I launch something new on Lifetime Backpacker there always a few things I do first. As a starting point, speaking to as many people as possible who have either done what I’m trying to do or are experts at it is key. You can learn so much from other people.

Secondly, while you are learning you might just pick up some new friends and business relationships! Travel bloggers working with other blogs and companies is what keeps the whole blogosphere turning, and there is no better way to start talking to other bloggers than through social media. Due to its importance, it is what we all use so much after all.

Don’t Forget to add location!

This might seem trivial. It is not. Adding a location to your posts can open it up to a whole new World of reach. This is because there is functionality in the Instagram app to search for locations, and a whole feed devoted to each location you can search for. Therefore, if you make sure that every single post you produce is geotagged, you will open yourself up to thousands of people being able to see your photos!

Hashtag, and do it Good

Opening yourself up to brand new areas of improving Instagram reach is a continuing theme as we move onto using hashtags to tap into an audience. One of the most used ways of stretching your posts out to more people is to incorporate hashtags into them. You can pick up to thirty of these little beauties per post too and you should use every last one of them. Do not go over the allowed 30 though. This can invalidate your set of hashtags, which could break your reach down to almost nothing!

Strategically picking hashtags that are both relevant and useful to your niche is essential. The closer your hashtag is related to your photo, the higher the chance you have to get a good rate of engagement.

For travel blogger who wants a head start, here are some of the most commonly used travel hashtags: #travelblogger, #travelblog, #travelgram, #travelphoto, #travelbloggerlife, #wanderlust, #solotraveler, #traveldiaries, #adventure, #instatravel, #cityscape, #travelblogging & #dametraveler.

Improve Instagram reach engagment and followers

Messaging is Important

Think about what you are trying to achieve with your Instagram posts. Are you trying to provoke thought? Looking to astonish or wow users? Or simply trying to look cool? Whatever it is, this should also dictate what captions you write to go with posts.

There’s a huge caption limit of over 2,000 characters now on Instagram. You can truly put whatever kind of message you want to reach out to users. Try to be powerful whatever it is. A picture can speak a thousand words. But a picture combined with words can be an even more present force.

Stay Relevant

It’s a big world out there. Keep up with what’s going on and stay relevant when posting. A perfect way to do this is to create a posting calendar. Take note of important events that happen throughout the year on this that could be relevant to your niche and plan posts accordingly.

Getting organised is a great way to get ahead and using something like an Instagram posting calendar is a brilliant way of doing this. Start with seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and go from there.

Never Give Up!

A final note. Making as a travel blogger is extremely competitive and can be tough at times. If you have a great, hard-working attitude you can do it. Stay focused on your end goal.

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