Life Decisions, Travel Work Balance and Building For the Future

That Moment When you Have to Start Deciding. Can you Travel for a Living or do you Need to Fund Adventures With a Job?


Backpacker Life or Office Daydreamer?

As I sit and write this I’m trawling the internet looking for work and adventure abroad for when I graduate in summer 2015. I’m considering many options at the minute, including taking a ski instructor course or working as an Engineer in Australia and/or New Zealand. The time to solidify a decision is fast approaching me like a bird of prey about to swoop on it’s next meal. But what the hell do I do?

val thorens
It’s views like this that give you the headache in the first place! Amazing.

Can Travel Become A Living?

Us travel fanatics seem to ponder over this question as much as the brightest minds in the world consider Earth’s oldest mysteries and fascinations. We’re capable of unbelievable things given the right motivation and will to succeed, and I feel like I’ve been given this. Heck, how everyone with a pulse is not inspired by the awesome adventures the World has to offer is quite simply beyond me! Back to reality though and a serious question. How long will it take to develop this into something full time? Targets and goals can be set, met and followed but there always needs to be a “what if it all goes wrong” plan.

The Future of work and backpacking adventures

Jobs are going to become fewer, more specialised and more competitive in the future. I can say this because of the pace technology is moving. If you look at manufacturing for example there are Automotive factories in the UK that at one point employed over 10,000 people. Today to do exactly the same job, with a more efficient output and better product, it takes half the number of people. This harsh reality is probably going to continue further as technology develops, which in my mind leaves me no alternative but to diversify (hence the engineering degree).

If there are not enough jobs for everyone in the future, people will have to make their own. That is exactly what I hope to do, along with thousands of other passionate “lifetime backpackers” in this World.

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