European Road Trip

Welcome to my European Road Trip Diary!

Introduction to the Diary of Travel

Whilst away on my road trip round Europe I completed a diary.

People take journeys like these to capture moments they never want to forget, and taking thoughts down on paper during your adventure is a brilliant way to help you remember.

Writing your memories down gives you a space to clear your thoughts after action packed days. Include the small details; These are the ones that will elude you in years to come, and you will be thankful to have taken the extra time to describe your experiences when you look back upon them. Especially if you have travelled alone.

Don’t skip on anything too. When you struggle to remember the name of that quaint little town in Austria you spent a night in two years back, it’s best to have it written down somewhere so you can regain those memories.

Finally, make sure you don’t lose it. Even better? Type it up or put it online to make your memories permanent and available anytime, any place. A book is easy to lose, a blog or cloud file is not.

A diary page was made for every single part of the journey, describing the most amazing and the nightmarish, through 7 countries from start all the way to the finish. This wonderful part of life happened years ago now, yet still remains firmly planted in my memory thanks to these posts. I really hope you enjoy reading.

Diary of travel
The handwritten version of my story

Day 1 – How to Get a Good Start to Your Adventure?

Today is the first of a brand new adventure into the unknown. A world of opportunity awaits as I embark on my first solo travel experience. A feeling of absolute freedom and independence really roars through your veins when you decide to do something like this.

And what an experience it was up to this point. The journey had barely begun and drama already invited itself into the room, to explain things a little further for you…

I used to own a little car, it was around eleven years old at the time and clearly on it’s very last legs. It was driven up and down the highways of England over the summer for work and it finally decided to give up on me, on my very last day.

This could not have been at a worse time, as it was right before this huge journey was due to begin.

Here’s what happened. That summer was my engineering placement for university. I was working for a company that manufactures and distributes fire and rescue vehicles all over the world. Friday came round. After a hard final week of work I felt glad to feel the drivers seat on my back and the accelerator pedal under my foot, leading me to home.

The engine fired up and reverse selected, I  backed out of the cobbled car parking space. Driving out of the building yard at my internship, on my last day, my brakes then completely failed. The handbrake came into use quite well to prevent any collision thankfully.

So this isn’t too much of a problem, I hear you say. Well, the plan was to drive it down to London just two days after to pick up the Campervan for the adventure. That plan just went straight out of the window, the vehicle followed it a short number of years later. But that is another story.

What a nightmare. Not only was there no means of transportation down to London now, there was also the hit of a hefty expensive repair bill to pay as a double whammy. However, friends and family are always there for you, and they came to the rescue in an instant. Mum and Dad actually sprung into action. They packed up their car with my stuff and then drove me all the way down to London, from West Yorkshire.

Not only that, they got me there a night early so I could start my travel as early as possible the next morning. Every cloud has a silver lining right?

The first diary entry was written that evening. Sat in a small hotel bar just outside of London, close to Heathrow Airport.

Memories of the place include it being dark outside. The all too familiar traffic noise playing with my eardrums.

An unplayed, tired looking piano decorated the corner of the bar room, as the mismatched furniture created a “working men’s club” atmosphere. Hardly the elements you would expect on the first night of a European adventure.

The most distinct memory; Being truly awakened by the excitement to get in the van the next morning and drive until my eyes cried out for rest! As far as possible, seeing as many different things as possible.

relax before a european road trip
How to relax before a road trip in Europe!

Relaxing alone in the bar that evening was a strange experience. Having never travelled alone before, even being at the other side of the country, never mind the continent was an odd feeling. But a good one. The only comparable feeling I can think of is taking your first drive alone following passing your test, but a lot further away from home.

Read on and see what I got up to on Road Trip Day 2!

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