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Travelling Over the Channel and Far Away!

Here’s the story of my second day of 14 days Travelling Europe in a Campervan. Not read from the beginning? Catch day one of my roadtrip! Just to recap, I’ve written a series of letters to better describe my first ever solo roadtrip! All are addressed to Diary of Travel, or DOT for short!

Leaving the UK to Start an Adventure!

Dear DOT,

Things have gone from somewhat uncomfortable to incredibly exciting today and the trip hasn’t even really started!

The pick up of the van went smoothly at 9am this morning. The hire place was only a short 10 minute walk from the hotel in London, which was lucky for me as I had a lot of stuff to carry! Following pick up of the van I made for Dover to catch the 1pm ferry, which I easily did.

My Room at The Heathrow Inn, London

The ferry crossing was a very sombre affair; Early September must be a quiet time for crossing to France as lot’s of kids are going back to school. The main bar on the ship was almost completely empty, and the few travellers that were around all took the short crossing time to have a nap, I decided instead on a sandwich. After a short trip the call came out to get back into vehicles.

I was like a child going into the deep end of the pool for the first time when I jumped back into my van, experiencing a cocktail mixture of wild excitement and fear at the same time. Thoughts were flashing round my mind at the speed of light,

“Where shall I go first?”

“I’ve never driven on the right hand side of the road before, ARGHHHH!”

“Oh my days I’m driving into and around Europe on my own, am I genuinely a crazy person or is this just going to be flipping awesome?”

After a very careful few hours getting used to the roads, I decided to hit the supermarket and stop over night just North East of Calais. Being the casual fool I am, it was very late in the day when I decided this was my plan. This led to me cooking my tea (Pasta! Obviously?) and sleeping at what appeared to be a mud track turning circle on the road from Calais to Dunkirk. Not ideal as I had no toilet, or shower!

Which brings me to the point in time when I am writing this letter. Dealing with the hurdles of journeys, and indeed life, define us as human beings. Here’s to an even better, and hopefully more organised tomorrow (Check out road trip day 3!)


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