Live Well, Travel Often

How travel is an important step towards healthy living!


I found myself on my regular coach back home to Yorkshire recently to see the family. It had been another weekend of that miserable February weather the UK always gets, but the one difference this time? It was my birthday weekend. This year I turned 22 and despite the fact that I’m still a whippersnapper in most people’s eyes, I feel I’m beginning to experience the effects of getting older. Because of this I’m now more focused than ever on living as well as possible in order to be as successful as life as I possibly can!


So why did I all of a sudden feel this? Tequila is a large contributor to this but I saw photographs of me with the family on that weekend, and man I look just, well older!

Here we are from left to right (Mum, Me, Sister and Dad)

Anyway, I started to think why I might be feeling this way. More tired, less motivated, more depressed more often etc. The main reason I could think of was work load.I’m sure most will agree work load can lead to lots of negative thoughts and negative stress and can contribute to you feeling down etc. Although I don’t feel the same way about stress (I’m positive about that, a different story).

As a university student studying a hard degree (Mechanical Engineering + Business), 99% of the social life I get involves alcohol. Bad right? This has got be another contributor I thought!

Travel to Live Well and Experience the Backpacker Life!

This leads me onto why Travel is such an important and valuable resources in ones life in order to live healthily and well. Travel, whether it be a short weekend trip or a full blown year away gives you the time to completely blow off your current situation. I don’t know about anyone else but even if I’m not traveling to relax there’s always something comforting about being in motion, going somewhere new or experiencing something different.

Not only that, I love to take a step back and re-evaluate where life is going. Experiencing a beautiful cityscape, losing myself in a breathtaking forest or living for the road or on the road really gets me thinking about what stories I want to leave in this body.

It’s all of these are the thoughts, motivation and drive that make humans do wonderful things. The man that escapes their horrible 9-5 to pursue their lifetime passion as a baker. The woman that cuts away her safety net to become the next best eco friendly entrepreneur. Or the student, who takes 5 years learning to be an engineer and uses it to change the world. Watch this space.

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