Liverpool Bourbon and Whiskey Event

Royal Liver Building Liverpool

A Bourbon and American Whiskey Festival in Liverpool

Every now and again you’ll discover Liverpool independent events that are really something special. This particular one was a Bourbon and American Whiskey tasting event. It was run by Bourbon Brothers at the venue in the Royal Liver Buildings, near the Liverpool docks.

Liverpool is full of interesting and amazing things to do on a weekend visit, or a city break here. If you’re a fan of Bourbon and/or American Whiskeys, good music and atmosphere this was exactly the kind of thing for you. You can’t get a much more spectacular location to spend an afternoon drinking than here too!


Royal Liver Building Liverpool
The Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. Host of the Bourbon Bros Easter Weekend Event.

Everyone likes to do wonderful things with their bank holidays right? You have a few extra days off, whether you like to go out and get drunk with friends or try new stuff it’s the ideal time for you to do something different. The staff at the Bourbon Brothers tasting event were more than capable to serve you a taste different to the normal with a smile on their face, they were excellent.
 Bourbon Brothers in Liverpool

Friendly staff at the Bourbon Brother Event in The Royal Liver Building, Liverpool
A wide range of tasty, weird and wonderful bourbons and whiskey were available for you to quench your thirst with. Even if you are not a huge fan of this sort of drink there was a taste in the room you would enjoy for sure. It was a great learning experience for you to explore new drinks that you have never tasted before, and discover more about your own likes and dislikes. I personally found 3 bourbons that I’d never even heard of before, that I don’t think I could go without in my spirits cupboard now!
The Wild Turkey Bourbon range
There were over fifty different drinks available to sample, which could lead you to a very drunk afternoon! Taking the time to taste and appreciate was the key, leading to some great finds. If you enjoy a bit of atmosphere with your alcohol there was also a live band and some pretty cool Harley Davidson motorbikes kicking around.Like to learn? You were also taught interesting things about Bourbon and American Whiskey. For example Bourbon is most strongly associated with the state of Kentucky in the USA, whereas American Whiskey has a strong association with Tennessee. The difference between Bourbon and American Whiskey? It’s all to do with percentages of ingredients.
Harley Davidson Motorbike at the Bourbon Brothers event

With anticipation building for the Bourbon Brothers event since back in January it didn’t disappoint. All in all it was a high quality afternoon of whiskey drinking. Feeling the sun on your face as you sip a glass of bourbon on the balcony of the Liver Building in Liverpool was a great experience and made you feel like such a VIP. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the independent Liverpool scene for any future events coming up!If you’re planning to take a city break to Merseyside, keep an eye on what’s coming up. With all kinds of exciting independent events happening throughout the year, you’ll more than likely be able to find a wonderful, and new experience to try.

Bourbon on the balcony of the venue at the Royal Liver Buldings, Liverpool
Bourbon on the balcony of the venue at the Royal Liver Buldings, Liverpool
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