Royal Liver Building Liverpool

All About Visiting Liverpool

Liverpool is our absolute favourite city in the world. It's vibrant culture, heritage, history and people make it an absolute must see for anyone travelling. There are so many things to do and see here and we've put together a huge Liverpool guide to help you on your trip!

Liverpool is a small city with a population just under half a million people, it certainly punches above its weight however in tourist numbers. The people love this city, and it ranks in the top 100 cities to visit in the World. You can come by land, sea and air to visit. There's an airport, John Lennon, just south of the centre with really easy access via train, bus and car. In addition, there are fantastic public transport links into the city with a large train station on Lime Street. Not only that, thanks to the River Mersey, Liverpool is one of the few cities in the World to have a Cruise Ship Terminal slap bang in the city centre!

One of the most famous landmarks here has to be the Royal Liver Building (pictured below). This is a Grade I listed building with beautiful features and proudly represents the people of the city by a giant Liver Bird perching on its peak. It was opened all the way back in 1911 as the headquarters of a local assurance group, and has since become offices and a fantastic conferencing and events location. It's even been home to the Liverpool Bourbon and Whiskey event!

Best Things to do in Liverpool

Because it's not all about seeing stuff to do with the Beatles. There are so many amazing things to enjoy in Liverpool. The city has great tourist attractions, architecture, art and history. Want to find out the best things to do in Liverpool. Read more now.

Liverpool Independent Restaurants

The Moon and Pea Bistro and Deli Lark Lane Liverpool

The diverse culture in Liverpool means that you can get access to some delicious food pretty much all over the city. From traditional British Fish and Chips to Vietnamese Pho to Spanish Tapas. An amazing independent restaurant scene flows through the city with foods and culinary experiences from all around the World. Before you decide where to eat out in Liverpool, you simply have to read these. Check out some of the best restaurants in Liverpool now.

Liverpool Independent Coffee Shops


In addition to the food scene, coffee has a huge culture and following in Liverpool. Independent coffee shops occupy wonderful corners of the city and you are never far from somewhere amazing. Over the years the city has gone from a handful of good independents, to now a whole catalogue of wonderful places to chill out and enjoy a coffee. Our mission is to show you the very best of these places to get a brew. Read through the best independent coffee shops in Liverpool now.