Qantas London to Perth Direct 2018

London To Perth Australia Non Stop Flights: Here’s What you Need to Know

 Australia Non-stop Flights from London, UK

Millions of backpackers from the UK and Europe fly to Australia each year. The journey is a long one, and up until now contained at least one fuel stop off.

Waiting hours for a connection from airports like Dubai, Singapore or Bangkok has been described as the most tedious part of the journey by many. But no longer. Australia non-stop flights from London in the UK are now a thing.

The first ones are going to take off in 2018, and here is everything you need to know about them.

How Can you Travel From the UK to Australia Non-Stop?

Aerospace technology has made huge advances since some of the first flights to Australia in the 1930’s. Back then there were 31 stops along the way in a tiny 10 seater plane. The route was actually nicknamed the “kangaroo route” due to the amount of stop-offs. The journey took weeks, the food was bad and the trip often encountered maintenance issues.

And the ticket price? Astronomical. At over £10,000 a seat on the De Havilland 86 was only affordable for the richest of us back then.

Fast forward to today where affordable travel is widely available. The first ever Australia non-stop flights from London take off in March 2018. Organised by Australian flagship carrier Qantas, who also put on some of the first flights in the 1940’s, it is set to be a proud moment in the advancement of aerospace.

So, how do they do it? Let’s find out.

Qantas is putting on the flights with the very latest aircraft; the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. An aircraft of firsts, this fantastic piece of engineering is far superior to previous commercial passenger planes. This was the first aeroplane to have an airframe constructed primarily out of composite materials. As a result, it is lighter, and up to 20% more fuel efficient than previous models built by the same company. The plane also has a range of 9,786 miles, which is more than enough for an Australia non-stop flight.

Another amazing aspect of this journey is the time it takes. Previous adventures down under could take up to and over 30 hours. Qantas is going to do the London to Perth route in just 17 hours. That’s a journey of 9,000 miles or nearly 15,000km and the shortest version of the kangaroo route ever. Awesome. Amazingly though, this is only going to be the third longest route in the World.

This will not only change the game for UK travellers heading to Australia, but also for Aussies wanting to visit the United Kingdom and Europe.

It’s not just backpackers that will be taking advantage of the new route either. The business community has welcomed it as a great opportunity to travel between the continents more often. The World is an ever-shrinking place and the quicker you can travel, the bigger the benefit will be to the economies of both countries involved.

Qantas London to Perth 2018

How To Take Advantage of the Qantas London Perth Route?

The first flights begin on this route from March 2018. Each trip will take 236 passengers and a return ticket will be available for around £1,700 for economy passengers. This is quite extortionate considering return flights with Singapore Airlines, stopping at (you guessed it) Singapore, are available for under £800.

However, the direct trip is 7 hours quicker, which makes it a question of weighing travel time up with cost. Price up your flights here.

So, stick a decent pair of travel headphones on and enjoy the flight. You’ll be down under before you know it!

Alternatively, if you have got a taste for flying, find out more about the longest flights in the World.


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