The Longest Flights in the World

The World’s Longest Flights

Air travel and the aerospace industry has come a long way over the last century. Massive advancement in technology means that you can now buy very cheap plane tickets. Not only that, the time it takes, and the distance you can travel has improved dramatically.

In this article, we will look at the longest flights in the world, how this has changed over the years, and give a special mention to a new route which will revolutionise air travel.

Where Could Plane Tickets Take You 50+ Years Ago?

Air travel used to be an exclusive method of getting to where you need to be. Cheap flights were non-existent and the rush of a last-minute flight simply didn’t happen. Flying on passenger planes used to be expensive. As a result only the rich took part.

Consider the kangaroo route for example. This was a 31 stop-off route that flew from the UK to Australia from 1935. Flying in a tiny De Havilland 86, this plane would carry just 10 passengers.

The journey would last a number of weeks. Stop off destinations included: Cairo, Baghdad, Karachi and Singapore amongst others. plane tickets would cost upwards of £10,000! Today this route has been condensed to one 17 hour flight on one of the World’s most advanced passenger aircraft.

Another amazing feat from the past. The “Double Sunrise” journey was a real adventure. Flown by Australian carrier Qantas in 1943 to 1945, this non-stop 28-hour flight from Perth to Sri Lanka was a record breaker of its time. Not only was it the longest non-stop aerial route, but it also broke the record for the longest flight time at 32 hours straight! An impressive accomplishment even by today’s standards.

What Are the World’s Longest Flights Today?

Getting back to the present. Airlines are constantly in competition to stand out. Bringing the best routes and experiences to passengers is essential. Delivering cheap plane tickets is also a priority to beat the competition on price.

Whether it be a publicity stunt or a business strategy, a sort of “head-to-head” has started. Being the airline with the longest flight is now a competition. So let’s have a look at the front-runners.

Auckland – Dubai Flight With Emirates

New Zealand is in the middle of nowhere. Take a look at the globe. With only Australia in close proximity, it stands to reason that there are some hefty flight journeys to get to, or out of the country to anywhere but Australia.

The Airbus A380 has great range, fortunately, estimated at around 9,400 miles or 8,200 nautical miles! This adventure certainly tests the aircraft at 8,818 miles. Dubai has become a major global hub over the years, and this is a highly useful journey for New Zealanders looking to access Europe, and vice versa. In fact, the 17-hour journey completely trumps any stopover journey attempt which comes in at usually 22+ hours!

The cheapest fares for this flight come in at around £975 return. Find out more and compare prices here.


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Auckland – Doha Flight With Qatar Airways

New Zealanders be proud, you have made the list again. Doha, Qatar is another global transport hub in the middle east and Qatar Airways rival flight packs a bigger punch than the Dubai route for distance.

The flight takes place in an ultra long range version of the Boeing 777, which is the longest reaching passenger aircraft on the planet with a distance capable of 9,420 nautical miles. This converts to a massive 10,840 miles!

The route itself stretches 9,025 miles and is currently the record holder for the longest flight in the World.

The plane tickets seem slightly cheaper than the Dubai alternative too, at as low as £902. Find out more and compare prices.

London – Perth Flight With Qantas

This brand new route, flying out in March 2018 gets a special mention. Australian flagship carrier Qantas famously piloted the kangaroo route mentioned in this article and this is considered a huge step forward.

The route to Europe couldn’t be easier for Aussies now. The route to Australia the same for backpacking Brits. Qantas launch the first 17-hour, non-stop flights from Perth Australia to London in March 2018. Plane tickets for this year are available now.

Find out everything you need to know here.


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