Love Travelling? Here’s The Best 10 Travel Jobs!

Work In The Most Amazing Places in the World!

Do you regularly sit and daydream about enjoying a paradise such as the one above? Don’t dream, get up and go! Here’s some great careers that will get you traveling to far flung heavens across the globe…

Environmental Engineering

Okay so being slightly biased here as I’m an engineer. However working for a big firm will no doubt bring global travel opportunities as well as the opportunity to make a difference in many different amazing places! The salary isn’t so bad either with a national average in the UK of £29,000!  Of course to get something like this means 3-5 years of hard work at University (which I’m currently thrashing out) so it’s no easy feat!

Ski Instuctor

What’s better than waking up and hitting the slopes, and actually getting paid to do so! The scenery is astonishing, the people are amazing and the ride is exhilarating! However this amazing career has a downside. Snow is not around all year in most resorts, which means the pay isn’t usually going to be enough to sustain the average life! As a second winter job though I’d look no further (if I could ski well enough!).

val thorens

Would you ever get bored of this?

Skydiving Instructor

Definitely not for the faint hearted! This career requires an almost crazy personality, as well as an obsessive attention to detail. Your not just jumping out of planes for fun everyday, you are responsible for lives too! However if this is for you there are hosts of amazing locations around the planet that you can travel to in order to take this on!

I Skydived once. Best experience of my life!

I Skydived once. Best experience of my life!

Super-Yacht Staff

Got sea legs and good customer service? Prepare to sail the world’s richest, snobbiest people to paradise and back! The clear downside of this job is the long hours, but it’s got to be worth the places you’ll visit, right?

Marine Biologist

A Passion for the waves and it’s inhabitants are essential to be involved in this pursuit. You could be studying the Great Barrier Reef, or the migration of Wales across the waves. Travel is indeed guaranteed in this job. So is paper work however and a great understanding of everything “Marine Biology” related.

Travel Journalist

This job comes with great power as people will hang on your every word before they make their travel plans. That’s if you can write of course! Creativity, analytical skills and long hours are all part and parcel here. The up side is, the world is your oyster and your boss can send you absolutely anywhere!

Park Ranger

Most places in the world have National Parks. These are some of the most eye watering locations in the world! From tropical rain forests, to canyons the size of city blocks and greenery to bring a tear to your eye, these are truly amazing places. If you don’t mind spending long hours alone in the wilderness then this is the job for you!

Band Roadie

Combining my two favorite things in this world is the job at number 2. Here you get to enjoy music and travel to brilliant cities/festivals all over the place (depending on how good the band is you work for!). Hours are extremely long and unusual (lots of night work), but what is better than feeling the sounds of live music in an unknown location with thousands of happy people!

Be Your Own Boss!

Look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in life and create a plan! How can you be traveling the world and earning a living in a few years? I’ve always wanted to have only myself to rely on and I’m beginning to formulate a plan to achieve this. I’m using my business and analytical skills (as well as a one-true love for travel) to come up with something. If it works, brilliant! If it doesn’t, I can go through life without regretting never trying for my dream job. Don’t just think about doing it, do it! That picture at the top of this article, that is you and me in the future, let’s go!

Read my first travel blog post to get an introduction to me and my attitudes towards life, I hope you agree with them!

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  1. perpetuallyperipatetic

    Sigh… Travel Journalist is the dream, but these days there are a dime a dozen. Love the other options too 🙂 Skydiving Instructor is probably not most people's cup of tea though 😉

  2. Jamie

    I'd love to be my own boss and work from anywhere in the world (all the while in the comfort of my pjs.) I'm trying to get my foot in the freelance-writing door, but it sure is hard work!

    Another travel job to mention, which I have done, is teaching English abroad. Great way to save money and experience another culture!

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