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Eating Out at Miller and Carter Steakhouse Restaurant, Albert Dock, Liverpool

So you have a massive craving for meat. A rich, flavoursome, high quality steak to be more specific. The kind that sends your saliva glands into some sort of illogical frenzy, leaving you to mop drool from every inch of your mouth.

But what restaurants can you eat out at in Liverpool to satisfy this need for some high quality beef?

There are quite a few steakhouses in Liverpool that specialise in cooking your cow to every single way you enjoy it (medium rare or rare obviously). Yet there is one restaurant in the city that seems to have this kind of food absolutely nailed.That restaurant happens to be Miller & Carter on the Albert Dock.

So What Makes a Good Steak?

This is one of those questions like “The meaning of life?” or “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. You will find that wherever you go that this question has different and every increasingly complex answers.

Some enjoy it almost living, still “mooing” on the plate. Others enjoy it burnt to a crisp. Me? I’m a simple medium-rare to rare kind of person.

The important thing to take from this? There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your food, but Miller & Carter are pretty damn good at cooking it exactly the way you ask for it.

It’s not just beef they serve. Everywhere you look on the menu you will find a celebration of meat, with chicken and lamb making an appearance in various forms; not to mention an extra special offering of fish if you feel like it.

The Miller & Carter Experience

As a brand the restaurant actually belongs to Mitchells & Butlers Plc, a company all too familiar with providing a quality eating and drinking experiences to millions of happy foodies every single year.With more than 15+ branded restaurant and pub chains and around 1,600 locations in the UK they know their food.

As a company on it’s own Miller & Carter dish out over a million steaks per year in the UK to customers, so you could say they have just a little bit of experience in cooking meat.

But what about the Albert Dock Liverpool location?

Well, the Albert Dock has been an integral part of Liverpool ever since it’s construction in the 1840’s. Today it is home to some fantastic eateries, museums and art galleries.

The decor in this restaurant has that rustic, low light romantic feel. Probably why a good proportion of the diners I noticed in there on the Friday evening we visited were in fact loved up couples.

But wait, this place is still amazing for all kinds of meat lovers. Don’t believe me? Try the food here, and then thank me later.

Both being steak lovers myself and my girlfriend have had this place on the list for a long time now. It was when she found out her excellent exam results from medical school that a great excuse to visit came about.

This kind of occasion is usually a great excuse for a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Taking a look at the wine list there isn’t a lot of choice in that area, at least for us anyway. Do not be put off by this.

We were directed towards the cocktail menu, gladly so in the end. The Sloe and Mulberry Cobbler and the Cucumber and Elderflower Collins were perhaps two of the best cocktails I have ever tasted.

The Collins has a deeply refreshing, palette cleansing taste from the cucumber and ice; a fantastic long drink for a meal.

Most people say red wine is brilliant with meat. Not a fan of wine or want to try something new? Give the above a go.

The food we ordered? After a shared bread basket to wet our appetite we decided upon sharing the 16oz Chateaubriand. A thick cut of beef tenderloin cooked to your liking accompanied by onion “loaf” (posh onion rings), salad, chips and a choice of steak sauces.

Medium rare is the best way to eat this meat in my opinion; Miller & Carter definitely did not let us down.

Miller and Carter Liverpool Albert Dock Chateaubriand

Fillet of beef can be one of the most awesome mouth parties you can have if cooked right; my taste buds had an absolute rave that evening.

Portion size for two sharing? Comfortably adequate. Two of everything except the steak, which was large enough to feed two and a half. Great value steak at £40-£45.

Offers and Events

Being part of a large corporation of eateries brings the benefits of offers and special events throughout the year.The restaurant operates a “steak club” which provides up to date information on special offers and vouchers available for your local Miller & Carter. Just signing up to that earns you a free glass of wine on your next visit.

There are also things like “Cork and Cleaver” Wednesdays offering wine and steak for a set price. Purchasing gift cards for loved ones and friends is another option available so you can give the gift of steak to those that mean the most to you.

How to Get There

Being so conveniently located in the Albert Dock in Liverpool makes this restaurant really easy to find. The world heritage site is signposted from the motorways on the way into the city.

There is also ample parking both directly on the docks and across the road at the Liverpool One shopping complex, which is just a short 5 minute walk away.

Overall this is an excellent restaurant for anyone who likes steak and well worth a try. Whether you are on a romantic weekend city break in Liverpool, here for the day or simply local to the area.

Have you eaten out here before? What was your experience like?

Is there anywhere else I need to visit in Liverpool and review? You can get in touch with me via Instagram at Lifetime Backpacker or Twitter @1backpackerlife

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