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Most Expensive Cities in the World

The World’s Most Expensive Cities to Visit and Live in

Ever wanted to know more about the most expensive cities in the World to visit? What places do you have to practically be a King to live in comfortably? If you’ve ever done some research on this before you will have found that cities in Asia have a lot of the most expensive, and the cheapest cities in the World to live in and visit. This time around, it is no different.

A comprehensive report by the Economist Intelligence Unit has researched in detail our World’s hubs, and how pricey they can be to visit and travel to. It ranks 133 cities Worldwide and is a comprehensive report comparing the averages prices of around 160 items against each other.

The Top Most Expensive Cities in the World

According to the report, here are the top priciest cities on Earth:

1) Singapore

singapore most expensive city in the world

A regular feature in the list and often up there at the top, Singapore has retained its top position for the fourth year in a row. This city and nation in its own right has always been highly desirable for both business, tourism, and people to live in. The strong management of government has ensured the economy has remained this way. The city continues to attract some of the World’s biggest and brightest, with a third of the workforce in the city from abroad.

2) Paris, France

paris second most expensive city in the world

Forever a romantic destination for couples from all over the World, Paris has jumped up five places to 2nd on the list. Unbelievably for a country that is one of the biggest wine producers, the average bottle of table wine costs nearly $12 here ($11.90 or £8.50)!

The city has always been a huge destination for tourism but with the cost of living and visiting, rising so much here over the last decade it is no wonder that other, cheaper destinations in Europe are growing in popularity. With that in mind however, visits from the UK have increased significantly over the last decade with the introduction and upgrades of Eurostar trains from the British capital.

3) Zurich, Switzerland

zurich-3rd-most-expensive-city-in-worldSwitzerland is probably home to more “rich person’s playgrounds” than most countries in the World. This country is home to some of the most expensive ski resorts, the World Economic Forum (a meeting of the World’s richest) and of course very strict private banking laws.

So it’s no surprise that the country’s largest city, Zurich is the third most expensive city in the World. Remember the £8.50 bottle of wine in Paris? You’ll have your funds bashed with £11.38 for one here. This is still an incredibly beautiful city though. On the northwest tip of a stunning lake. You can find eye-watering views of the lake and mountains beyond here, as well as marveling at some the stunning Gothic and Romanesque churches and architecture the city boasts.

4) Hong Kong

hong kong 4th most expensive city in worldHong Kong was previously 2nd on the list and has been a regular feature in the World’s most expensive list of cities in the past. This city and autonomous region is the 4th most densely populated area in the world. Over 7.4 million people live here, in just a small 436 square mile territory!

The city has become one of the most important financial hubs in the World over the years and is home to many large financial corporations. As a result, it has one of the highest per capita incomes in the World, but as with any global city, income disparity is a huge problem here.

Hong Kong is a city with roots in the British Empire and was a part of Britain all the way up until the 1990’s. As a result, it has grown to be a fantastic city to visit as English is commonly spoken around the city, with over 40% of the population English speaking.

5) Oslo, Norway

oslo norway worlds 5th most expensive city

Another gorgeous waterside city in Europe, the capital of Norway is the 5th most expensive city in the World. Oslo is not a huge city, with a population of under 1 million people, but it is the most populous city in the country, and it’s financial and trading centre. Located beside the stunning Oslofjord and founded in 1049, the city saw growth as an important maritime port.

Today it has a modern, metropolitan vibe, with a large diversity of culture, and architecture. It’s currently Europe’s fastest growing capital city, and one of the greenest cities in the World too! With all of this comes high prices though.

Looking at the top five, it is easy to see why these are some of the World’s most expensive cities to visit. All are highly diverse with fantastic performing economies, great infrastructure and superb places to put on your bucket list! But, if you aren’t able to with your budget, South East Asia has some of the most beautiful places to see on Earth, and some of the cheapest too! Check out our guide to the Philippines for example, which is becoming a really popular destination you can travel to for less.

Now you’ve seen the most expensive, why not check out our article on the World’s cheapest cities. Or, check out the report in full on the World’s most expensive cities.


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