new years travel resolutions

New Years Travel Resolutions You Will Want To Stick To

New Years Travel Resolutions

Every single December people count down the clock to the new year. Thinking of a plan, a purpose an improvement in self for the new year. As a result, it’s a superb opportunity to take a step back and look at life from a different perspective. Maybe you don’t travel enough? Our new years travel resolutions can help you solve that.

When thinking about promises for next year, make them count. Travel can enrich the senses, teach lessons and enhance life all at the same time. If you pick just one of these new years travel resolutions, little or large, it’s a brilliant step towards something amazing.

Talk to More People

We live in a World where the art of communication is dying. It’s a paradox. It seems that the more open and accessible our planet becomes, fewer and fewer people are speaking to each other. Making new friends (not online), small talk or even asking someone on the street for directions is disappearing fast.

People are stronger, and happier together. As we all become more aware of mental health and loneliness; let’s make an effort to communicate more. If you need one, a secondary benefit of this is improving your confidence.

When you decide to travel to unfamiliar surroundings it can be scary at first. Having that initial confidence to speak to people: Ordering a drink at a bar in a foreign language, asking where the bus station is, can be the difference between a good, and a great trip.

Put the Phone Down and Enjoy the Scenery

Part of the reason why communication is dying on Planet Earth is an addiction to technology. This is gone as far as people preferring to stare at a screen in a public place with their friends, rather than actually speaking to their friends! We’ve all seen it.

When we were in Prague, seeing the castle was amazing. Stopping for a beer on the walk back down to the city was a lovely moment. The view from the bar was amazing and you could see all the way across the district. Lots of tourists stopped there to enjoy the view, but one tourist, in particular, stood out.

A young woman who, whilst we were enjoying the view, spent the whole time we were there bashing her phone against a tree to try and make it work. After unsuccessfully bashing for around half an hour she stormed off frustrated. Maybe this person was desperate to take a selfie or photo of the beautiful cityscape. We will never know.

The striking thing though? The whole time this person didn’t crane her neck upwards once to look around her. A potentially sad thing that happens a lot. So putting your phone down and looking around may just be the best new years travel resolution you can promise yourself next year.

Spend More Time Getting to Know Yourself

This could contradict the first item on the list here. However, there is plenty of time in the year to both spend time alone and get to know new people. Spending time alone is a great chance to revisit priorities. Meditate. Excersize. Focus on you.

Self-love has to be more important than attempting to please others. Because if you can’t be happy with yourself, how will you be able to go about, and enjoy life to its full potential?

Whatever you do with this time, make it benefit you in some way.

new years travel resolutions 2018

Travel Solo

Sometimes the thing that can hold people back going where they want to go, is having someone to go with. Don’t wait for someone to come along. Go solo.

Nobody to argue with over where to go, or what to do. Free to plan a schedule of your choosing. There are so many pros to this! One thing to always remember though; be travel safe and do your own research.

Provided you know yourself well enough, travelling alone could be the best travel new years resolution you can do for yourself. Happy new year.

Want to know more about travelling solo? I drove around Europe solo, take a look.




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