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I’ve seen the sunset 1000’s of times on different continents during my years on planet Earth, but it never gets old. I can only ever compare the feeling it draws out of me to creations of fantasy, or the most beautiful girl you could ever see. The latest masterpiece provided by Mother Nature is of my travels to the angelic island of Crete this summer.

Having not a lot to do in the way of University work over summer I’ve had time to concentrate on my business (a student company) and work (social media marketing), but I’ve also had time to do nothing and dream. Part of this whole dreaming situation scares the absolute shit out of me, the other part makes me feel secure in the otherwise normal and average achieving life I feel I’ve had so far. The reason I’m scared is now on your mind, so here’s the answer, life. Every aspect of it. Let me enlighten.
If you’ve never thought of it this way you’re about to get a shock and I apologise for the emotions you will feel. I woke up one morning in Summer 2013 and thought, “I’m 21 years old and I barely remember anything I’ve done in life so far.” We will all just be a memory one day, fueling the Earth’s soil with nutrition for further life to grow while all else is forgotten and we are gone. Scared shitless yet? I know I am! So let’s do something about it!

In the short time we all have to experience life I’ve adopted the Augustine of Hippo philosophy. What’s that you say? You’re not familiar with this? Well if you haven’t stumbled upon this site accidentally I can say for sure you’ll agree with it.
The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
So many stories to experience, so many inspiring masterpieces to see and just one life.

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