oneaudio wireless headphones review

OneAudio Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Travel Headphones Review

Wireless Travel Headphones From OneAudio: Product Review

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are the best. Especially for travelling. From someone of an age that has had many pairs of wired headphones in the past, it’s a great feeling to not have to untangle to listen. Having the flexibility of listening to a playlist, audiobook or watching your favourite TV series or film is a massive advantage of wireless connectivity. But… What happens when you’re on a long haul flight and your headphone batteries die? What’s that… you left your charger in your case and that’s in the hold? With most wireless headphones you might now be in an absolute nightmare of silence for the rest of the trip. Not with OneAudio. Just one of the many great features of these travel headphones is that they can be used both wireless and with the supplied jack cable. You don’t see that every day.

Features of The OneAudio Wireless Travel Headphones

You can go almost anywhere with cheap flights these days (we’ve written about this). This has massively increased the wanderlust community, meaning you’ll find backpackers in most corners of the globe. A lot of backpackers more often than not have a strict budget to stick to though. Finding high-quality travel gadgets and products at reasonable prices has essentially become part of the nomad culture.

The OneAudio range of headphones is a range that can suit backpackers on a budget. These headphones come in at under £25 and the features you receive for this price are unbelievable.

For example, the wireless Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect the headphones to devices to listen wirelessly, eliminating pesky untangling rituals. There’s nothing more frustrating than untangling knots in wires so we love this.

In addition, they have a sleek foldable design. The headphones fold neatly into each other to fit into a stylish carry bag. This is absolutely ideal for easy storage whilst on the go and actually helps protect the headphones ear cups for longer life.

Speaking of long life there’s up to 17 hours continuous wireless music playing. With a 300mAh battery, you’ll get through even some of the longest non-stop flights with non-stop listening! What’s even better? The fun doesn’t stop when the battery dies. Dual connectivity is available with the supplied audio jack. Wireless battery died? No problem! With the OneAudios you can simply plug in your supplied jack cable to keep listening. This feature has to be our favourite, having experienced first hand what it is like to sit in silence on a plane when batteries run out.

The headphones also have a really comfortable feel. The leather imitation material is soft to the touch and the ear cups feel like pillows over your ears! It’s really important to have comfortable headphones as they can be your only source of entertainment on long journeys, and these pass the test. The ear cups also provide good noise reduction, another great factor especially when using them on a plane or train!

Last but not least they provide great sound!

Sound Quality of the OneAudio Wireless Travel Headphones

For a reasonably priced product, these headphones are able to pack a punch that stands up to higher priced models when it comes to sound. With a solid bass volume, and good range we were really impressed with the quality of sound they produce. Whether it was for listening to music, films & TV or our Audiobook collection they provided clear and rich sound and kept background noise to a minimum.

We’ve recently featured the best headphones for travel and tried a lot of the higher priced models, which are all brilliant. For those of us with a lower budget that still want high-quality features and sound we recommend the OneAudio Wireless headphones, and have added this to our best headphones list!

You can find out more about OneAudio on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The OneAudio range can be purchased directly from the OneAudio Shop, or you can receive 20% off them on Amazon using code ZCABXJM3 today, simply click through this link & enter your code at checkout!

Thanks to OneAudio Headphones who supplied the product for this sponsored review. Opinions expressed in this article are our own review of the product.

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