Pho Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant Bold St Liverpool

Pho Cafe & Vietnamese Restaurant | Bold Street, Liverpool

Eating out at Pho Vietnamese Restaurant & Cafe on Bold Street, Liverpool City Centre

You won’t find many more streets in Liverpool with as many amazing World cuisines to try as Bold Street. Full of independent, lively shops, cafes, restaurants and bars this area of the city is simply a must visit. This part of town is a great representation of the diversity of culture when you come here. Pho Liverpool is one of the latest additions to Bold St, and the Vietnamese food on offer here is creating huge excitement and interest amongst the locals.

Pho began it’s journey originally in London in June 2005 following a couples love story with Vietnam and it’s food culture. Stephen and Juliette Wall visited the country and fell head over heels with the food, and decided to recreate this experience for customers back in the UK. This love seems to have caught on as today there are restauraants all over England in Brighton, Leeds, Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and now Liverpool from early 2017.

The place is already receiving a warm reputation for it’s healthy, largely gluten free and wonderful tasting menu. This kind of food is a fantastic choice for those looking for something low in calories and fat as a healthier eating out option.  Not only that, the staff are helpful and friendly, and always on hand to explain the wonders of Vietnamese food to a newcomer.

The Food & Drink at Pho Liverpool

Now Vietnam is one of the places I haven’t yet been. A beautiful country with a huge amount to offer that is certainly on the list. Being honest, just trying the food at Pho only gave me the urge to bring forward a visit there as soon as possible. The pho soup is served with an array of herbs and additions on a side plate to allow you to alter the flavour as you please. There wasn’t much altering needed, it was an amazing flavour.

pho liverpool bold st vietnamese food

There’s plenty of variations on offer here too with chicken, steak, prawn, brisket and veggie variations of the traditional Vietnamese dish to suit everyone. Soup is only the start though, with many other dishes to try including wok fried noodles (pho xao) which were really tasty. Imagine a pad thai noodle dish, but better. I went for chicken, which was tender and delicious.

As for the drink? The wine and beer on the menu reflects some Vietnamese local favourites with Halida, Saigon Export and Beer Lao available. The cocktails on offer are theme inspired, and made to pair well with the food. The Phojito, which uses one of Vietnams clear rice wine spirits (in place of white rum in a traditional Mojito) was a really refreshing long drink, and was well balanced with the noodle dish. Not to mention it had a decent strength to it. The Hanoi Mule is a take on a Moscow Mule and contains rice fermented vodka spirit imported from Hanoi, again a great drink.

Cocktails at Pho Liverpool Vietnamese Restaurant Bold St

What about dessert I hear you ask? Perhaps this cuisine is not as well known for this course, there are still some wonders on the menu at Pho Liverpool though. The Pandan Pancake (Banh lá dứa) is an amazing shade of green; served with ice cream and coconut shavings it made for a great end to the meal. Not over-facing or  over filling, but full of brilliant flavour.

dessert at Pho Liverpool Vietnamese Restaurant Bold St

I couldn’t leave without trying the coffee though. Being a bit of a coffee snob and proud owner of a pump espresso machine at home it was exciting to get a Vietnamese take on the drink.  It’s traditionally served over ice using a special metal drip filter which slowly releases hot water through the coffee and into the cup over ice. Served with a small amount of condensed milk it not only tastes different, it can look quite spectacular compared to the standard espresso or cappuccino Europe is used to.

The condensed milk also eliminates the need for sweetening the coffee, and provides an all round different taste to your standard cup. The coffee is usually made with Robusta beans, which differ from the mainstream Arabica we are all so used to here, and therefore will be an altogether stronger and slightly more bitter coffee. At Pho, it was a superb after dinner drink.

The experience as a whole was fantastic. The food was stunning and the staff were an absolute credit to the restaurant they work in. Pho Liverpool comes highly recommended if you are looking for places to eat out in Liverpool.

Getting to Pho Liverpool

So how do you get here? Located at number 79, Pho is towards the top of Bold St near St Luke’s (AKA “The Bombed Out”) Church. For train links, Liverpool Central Station is less than 5 minutes walk away at the opposite end of the street. For parking, there is street parking available off of Hardman Street up the hill, or at the Q Park on Hannover Street, which is around 10 minutes walk away.

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