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The Staycation Era – Hotels Close to Home

The pound is weak. Those exotic far flung destinations are starting to seem at bit of a stretch for you. Why not try something different? Weekend city breaks in Europe and close to home are growing in popularity. You can enjoy a brilliant short break without the hassle of long flights, big costs and much organisation. Hope St Hotel was my choice for this experience.


What do you look for in a staycation? There are many things to consider; primarily location. Located on the outskirts of the city centre, this hotel is ideally situated for some great things to do, which is another important point to think about. What you feel like doing whilst on your break can help define where to go. In this area there are some fantastic bars and restaurants, an opera house, and both of the famous cathedrals lie at either end of the street. Also, with more historic listed buildings than any of the cities outside of the capital you can find some spectacular sites to see in Liverpool.

History – The London Carriage Works

The site was originally opened in 1869 in a Venetian Palazzo style, and was built to be a carriage works. Since then the attractive architecture of the building means it has been home to many different styles of business including: furniture stores, coach builders and book sellers.


Eventually the building became partially abandoned and out of shape, and looked in a sorry state. Until 1998. In this year it was decided that it was to be refreshed, fixed up and made over. This lead to the Hope St Hotel being opened in 2004 alongside it’s popular bar and restaurant; The London Carriage Works, which is aptly named after the original character and purpose of the structure.

Staying Here – The Short Break Experience

The hotel has been catering for guests from all over the world for over a decade now, and the experience shows. The staff are professional, friendly and welcoming when you arrive. First impressions count in hospitality and the decor definitely gives a good one. The reception areas gives you that Scandinavian design look; A superb clean, wooden feel welcomes you through the door, and continues to paint the same picture throughout the place.Check-in is seamless and quick, on this occasion the host even allowing access to the room half an hour earlier than the allocated 3pm time. There are three lifts available to take you up to the rooms, which are sign posted well,  allowing you to navigate the maze of corridors quite easily.

The rooms are very cosy looking. A large king size bed awaits your arrival with air conditioning to keep you cool during those hot summer nights. Me and my girlfriend had a decent nights sleep when we stayed and it remains quiet and cool throughout the night with the right use of the a/c.

hope st hotel liverpool

All rooms are ensuite with a modern decor bathroom and rain shower. Ours had a large bath and was ideal for a relax in the evening. Overall a really nice looking room and we enjoying a relaxing time here.

The only thing that lets the room down even a tiny bit? Lack of plug sockets near the bed. There are ample places to plug in, but unfortunately not in very practical places; for example right next to the door to the room. It’s not a huge problem if you are just enjoying a romantic short stay or a city break though, as it is likely you may only be charging your phone or using the hairdryer etc.

liverpool hope street hotel

Hope Street Location

So what is the area like to stay in? There are some great things to do in Liverpool and in this part of the city these are just some of the great attractions you will find:
– The Anglican Cathedral
– The Met Cathedral
– The Royal Philharmonic
– The Everyman Theatre


All are within a 5 minute walk of the accommodation and all host regular exciting events throughout the year. Not really into your theatre, architecture or opera? There are absolutely loads of mouth watering eateries and bars around too. Hardman St lies just a few metres away and hosts whiskey and liquor bars, gastro pubs and classy cocktail bars such as: Mckenzie’s, Hannah’s Bar and The Old Blind School to name a few.

It is well worth taking a little walk down to Bold Street too. Here you will find some fantastic gems from the area’s independent scene in both retail and food and drink. This is also a good way to walk into the city centre and access L1, the train stations and the famous docks.


So what will it cost to book a night at the Hope Street Hotel? If you are on the ball and can find some deals, around £80 was the cheapest nightly rate I found. Generally speaking though standard rates are between that a £200 a night dependant on dates and times of year. Another thing to put consideration into here is parking. The accommodation has a small car park that charges £10 per night, but is only available on a first come first serve basis. This means it may be full at busy periods. There is on street parking which is pay and display. So if you can find a 24 hour car park nearby it is probably cheaper and worth it for not having to get up early to put some hours on the car.


There is a wealth of articles building up on the site for Liverpool places to eat and stay. If you think there is somewhere that simply needs to be written about get in touch.

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