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AKG Y50BT Portable Foldable On-Ear Rechargeable Bluetooth Headphones

£109.00 £99.95

  • Connect via any Bluetooth enabled device for wireless headphone listening on the go
  • Closed ear-cup, on-ear design for reduced background noises
  • These brilliant travel headphones are a stylish and comfy fit
  • Durable and lightweight design, ideal for travelling.
  • 20 hours+ battery life
  • 3D-axis folding mechanism and pouch for easy storage and safe transportation
  • Get the latest price for the fantastic AKG travel headphones.


Being comfortable on those long journeys is a challenge many travellers face. When you purchase travel headphones there’s always an underlying worry that the more affordable on ears just won’t cut it. Uncomfortable ears after prolonged usage can be a common problem. That is where these AKG Travel Headphones come into the market.

Not only do they look absolutely stunning in a range of vibrant colours, they are extremely comfortable on the ears. Instant Bluetooth connectivity allows you to avoid the tangle, whilst blocking outside noise out with the comfortable and easy-on-the-ears closed ear cup design. The headphones are perfect for travel with 3d axis folding for easy storage in your bag or backpack. With around 20 hours of battery life on these bad boys you won’t be charging them often. A perfect investment for your adventures at around £109, one of the best purchases you can make at this price and we highly recommend.


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