AquaPure Travel Water Filter Purification Bottle for Backpacking


  • Travel Water Purifier Bottle
  • An efficient system combining water purification and a drinking bottle so you can easily have drinking water whilst travelling or backpacking.
  • Remove single-use plastic from the environment by using this travel water filtration bottle.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with a 650ml capacity
  • Long lasting filter which can make up to 350 litres of water safe to drink. 
  • Replacement filter sets available


When travelling on a hot day or backpacking in a far-off land where you are unfamiliar with the drinking water it can be a pain to have to buy single-use plastic bottles. This travel water purifier bottle by Aquapure solves all of your contaminated water problems with its efficient, long-lasting carbon filter, allowing you to instantly drink filtered water out of the bottle. Saving your wallet, and the environment!

The specially designed carbon technology filter ensures that viruses and bacteria, pathogens, bad tastes, smells, heavy metals and more are all safely filtered out of the water before you drink. The Hospital of Tropical Diseases in London fully endorses this product. It is also used to purify drinking water on the go for many International Aid Organisations in the UK, EU, Canada and the USA.

AquaPure have thought about environmental and economical impact with their water purifier bottle for travel. Each litre of filtered water works out at just 10p (approx), and it saves the use of up to 700 plastic water bottles (500ml) going to waste.

The best part? You can take a spare filter travelling with you too! The water filtration system in this water bottle is fully replaceable with the AquaPure replacement filter. A recommended product from our best gadgets for backpacking.


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